Enhance your facial features by choosing the right eyebrow shape for your face. We’re here with all the best tips in town! 

If you’re wondering about which one feature can be a total look gamechanger? We’re here to introduce you to the allure of eyebrows! So much so, the right eyebrow shape; one that complements your features and facial structure can make you look years younger - yes, it works better than all those creams and anti-aging solutions on the racks. To help you achieve that youthful look and of course, enable you to navigate what’s the best way to unleash your best #selfie face. We’re here with a curation of the best eyebrow shapes for a variety of faces. Plus, that’s not it - our list is also accompanied by a few unfailing taming tips, which give you an insight into the world of eyebrow taming. So, latch on and make notes. 

Best Eyebrow Shape for Your Face: The Basics  

Enhancing your facial features (naturally)  is now a possibility  

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Face Shape #1: Round Shape  

If you’re a round shaped face queen like Chrissy Tiege, you must know that your face doesn’t really have any oomph angles - although it’s got that unmatched cuteness. Which is why, it is of A1 priority to add some definition to your features, so you too can enjoy that fierce and snatched look. And that’s where the magic of arched or angular eyebrows slide in. These eyebrow shapes add the perfect amount of sharpness! You can give your face more magic, by making your eyebrows look fuller with the right product on the racks - we’re a fan of: the Lakmé Eyebrow Pencil. Allowing you to fill in the sparseness with great pigment, this eyebrow pencil gives you that fab finish and all all those compliments? So, cut to the chase and give your round face some sauciness with this eyebrow pencil.  

Face Shape #2: Oblong Shape 

If you’ve got an oblong face, worry not as you can still rock it with the right eyebrow shape. The major factor to consider while playing on an oblong slate is that it lacks roundness, which is why it is important to keep the eyebrow shape rather flat or facing downwards. Wonder why? Well, a flat brow shape helps the oblong face look more balanced. After all, you don’t want your face to look too long or increasingly shocked!  

Face Shape #3: Square Shape 

All the Kareena Kapoor Khan fans know this one belongs to her! This face shape is characterised by the angularity of the jawline - mostly super sharp and hance, the frame of softly rounded eyebrows is the best match for the eyebrow shape. Balancing the face’s structure with ease, this adds that kind of innocence and charm to a face that can otherwise look too serious. While giving these eyebrows life, it is integral to ensure that your eyebrow shape is neither too angular nor too rounded. This will keep the symmetry of the face intact.  

To get the best shape as this one gets quite tricky, it’s best to visit a shaping expert. Ideally they will measure your brows, make the essential points and get down to every detail - and that’s what is really essential, the deets! 

Face Shape #4: Heart Shape 

Well, it’s no secret but I totally heart this jawline shape. Seen on Deepika Padukone; the actress effortlessly highlights the best eyebrow shape that suits this face shape’s petit jawline. People with the heart shaped face, most of the time get most attention to the upper part of their face, which is why it is a no-brainer for them to have thin eyebrows that soften the pointed shape of the chin. Striking that perfect balance, I’m already on my way to get my eyebrows slightly modified. 

Face Shape #5: Oval Shape 

Hey oval faced angels! Be flattered and happy, a) because you share a face shape with the iconic Alia Bhatt and b) because you’re free as a bird. Why do we say so? Because your face can rock almost every and any eyebrow shape - it all looks stunning on you. So, you can make your pick; a soft angled look, slight arch, thick brows. The world is yours, quite literally.  

FAQs about Determining the Best Eyebrow Shape for Your Face  

Discuss some commonly asked questions here: 

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Q1 What is better to shape eyebrows, waxing or threading? 

Well, both can help you achieve the brows of your dreams. However people who have moved from waxing to threading, say that they feel it’s a better process for the skin around the brows - for waxing can often leave the skin annoyed. Moreover, threading is more precise and removes each and every small hair. This inturn allows the eyes to look more bright, open and youthful! However, whether you choose to fall back on threading or waxing, we suggest to keep a little tweezer handy; if any hair is missed out on, a little pluck only does you good.  

Q2 How often should I get my eyebrows done? 

If you’re blessed with healthy brows, it takes about 21-30 days for you to spot the growing messiness. However, if you’re okay with the growth and feel you can shape and cover it the untamed eyebrow shape; a spoolie and eyebrow gel go a long way - then a little wait, won’t be of trouble to you. If not, book a brow shaping appointment every 3-4 weeks.