One glimpse at Shraddha Kapoor and you would never imagine that it was a mere hour ago that she was dangling from the side of a building and performing a daredevil aerial dance with the Bandaloop crew. Emphasizing the feather light texture of Lakmé’s new 9 to 5 Weightless Mousse foundation, Shraddha herself looked weightless as she gracefully pulled off the vertical dance.

But we’re not surprised because on the one hand, she has exercised her acting skills in Bollywood churning out one hit after another, while on the other hand, she’s the wonderfully candid Lakmé brand ambassador who is gung-ho about sharing her philosophy on beauty, which she decided to chat with us about…

shraddha kapoor interview

BE Beautiful: You spoke about how your initial fear turned into excitement once you knew you would be vertical dancing so does that now make you an adventure junkie of sorts?

Shraddha Kapoor: You know, I’ve always loved doing adventurous things but I’ve had this major fear of heights and lightning holding me back. I’m sure many people also feel that way, especially if you are on the edge of a building. But the Bandaloop troop was outstanding right from the start. It’s the first time a brand has done something of this sort, which makes it memorable. So when I was asked about the activity, I was like, FYI I have a problem with heights but I want to give it a try. Once I went up there for rehearsals, it was so much of fun that I just didn’t want to come back down!

BB: What’s your makeup resolution for 2016?

SK: One of them is to feel completely weightless on my skin by using the new Lakmé 9 to 5 Weightless Mousse Foundation. See, none of us like cakey makeup that feels heavy on our faces so this product is definitely going to be one of my best friends. Also, I would like to consume more water. It is really important and very often, I forget to.

actress Shraddha kapoor interview

BB: The one makeup trick you swear by?

SK: The Lakmé kajal, it's my one absolutely go-to!

shraddha kapoor interview lakme

BB: With your hectic schedule that involves flights, travelling, shoots, what precautions do you take for your skin?

SK: I ensure my skin is well moisturised, whether you are travelling or not, always remove your makeup. And most importantly, get enough sleep.

BB: If you had one minute to get ready, you would...

SS: Put a little bit of concealer, some kajal on my eyes and lip balm; that’s it.

BB: Any beauty secrets that run in the family?

SS: Keep smiling, my mother always says that to me.