Ladies, those beauty secrets that you have always wanted to steal from your favourite actresses all along are finally here. Read on as we at BB dig in and bring you the best kept secrets behind the prettiest faces of Bollywood.

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Rekha is undeniably a timeless beauty and the sun has just refused to set on her charm. Her beauty is still very capable of giving Bollywood newbies a run for their money and that makes her beauty regime nothing short of a treasure. A little birdy tells us that Rekha believes in body discipline, follows a strict sleep cycle and follows a stringent diet plan. She is known to believe firmly in the benefits of ancient Ayurveda and aromatherapy and incorporates it in her spa therapy. She is also known to have endorsed natural hair care and resorts to amla, shikakai, fenugreek seeds. She also uses a natural hair pack made of honey, curd and eggs whites to care for her wavy tresses.

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Madhuri Dixit

Another timeless beauty who is an epitome of natural loveliness is Madhuri Dixit. From her 1000 volt smile to her lovely tresses, from her dance moves to her grace, all is desired and coveted. And while all that may not be possible, her beauty regime certainly is. Madhuri, in one of her interviews with a popular film magazine once revealed that she banks on olive and castor oil in equal proportions to moisturise her hair and prefers homemade conditioners like mayonnaise and bananas.

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Malaika Arora Khan

Malaika Arora Khan and her perpetual radiant glow are all very envied and loved but to look like a million bucks, she takes some stringent measures. Apart from starting her day with a glass of warm water in honey and lemon, she follows it up with a liter of water so as to flush out toxins. Arora swears by the no makeup look when she is not working and follows the basic cleanse, tone and moisturise drill regularly.

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Lisa Ray

Lisa Ray is that beauty who is far more than just a beautiful face. She is an actor, model but most importantly she is a cancer survivor who has come back victorious and twice as beautiful. Revealing her beauty secrets she once told a magazine that she prefers a green smoothie for breakfast and an omelette on weekends. She also resorts to cleanses often, five days each of only raw food and vegetable juices to get the face glowing. She sticks to the basics when it comes to skin care she says, the sunscreen, moisturiser every morning and night, and jojoba oil on the body.

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