Diamonds In The Rough: Budding Beauty Bloggers Of Instagram

Written by Karan DalviSep 16, 2023
Diamonds in the Rough: Budding Beauty Bloggers of Instagram

Instagram has taken the beauty world by storm, with new and hidden talents taking up the mantle of beauty bloggers with on social media. While there are a few who quite literally rule the social media space with huge followings, there are also those who are quickly rising up the ladders of fame and success, on account of their ingenuity and creative talents. Being a beauty blogger is hard work, and you have to systematically maintain a well-organised profile, providing innovative and handy beauty tips to your followers through your videos and posts. Here are 5 beauty bloggers who are doing just that, and with much panache, on Instagram.


Simmy Goraya (@simmygoraya)

Sabhyata Bali (@palletesandpaint)

A beauty influencer on Instagram (as well as on YouTube), Simmy Goraya loves to keep her looks fresh and lively, quite like her own personality. Not only does she have some brilliant makeup videos, she also often posts to give tips regarding skincare. An avid traveller, she’s visited cities like Paris and Prague and regularly shares her travel experiences as well. A trip to her profile is certainly a must, especially if you like fresh and original content.


Ritika Amru (@beautico)

Sabhyata Bali (@palletesandpaint)

A beauty blogger who specializes in sultry looks, Ritika Amru would definitely justify the title of ‘Queen of the Winged Eyeliner’, if there ever was one. A fan of hoop earrings, Ritika can effortlessly switch between both, Indian as well as westernised beauty looks. With more than 25k (and steadily increasing) followers, this influencer is undoubtedly one to look out for. 


Tanya Patni (@tanya.patni)

Sabhyata Bali (@palletesandpaint)

Tanya Patni is one beauty blogger who can comfortably play with the colours on her palette. One to call herself a makeup junkie (and we quite agree too), Tanya Patni especially works her eye makeup like magic. The way she manages her makeup, with a host of different colours from across the spectrum, Tanya Patni is more of a makeup artist than anything else.


Sneha Sakya (@snehasakya)

Sabhyata Bali (@palletesandpaint)

A YouTuber, makeup artist and a content creator (her words, but we certainly wouldn’t contest them); Sneha Sakya seems quite at ease, in fact more so, with her gorgeously ethnic looks. Her bronzed makeup is to die for and she often complements it with some breathtaking ethnic jewellery. Her profile is just as picturesque as her tips are beneficial, definitely a beauty star in the making. 


Sabhyata Bali (@palletesandpaint)

Sabhyata Bali (@palletesandpaint)

With a profile named ‘palletesandpaint’, we would have been disappointed if there wasn’t much colour and creativity at display. Sabhayata Bali rather exceeded our expectations, her brilliant eye makeup being adorned with much glitter and hue. One to draw inspiration from nature, she’d recently done a series of eye makeup posts that were influenced by birds and aptly titled ‘Birds of Paradise’. Clever and original enough to peak anyone’s interest, we think.

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