Your dull skin can pop even under layers of makeup. #JustSaying

Let’s admit it! Waking up looking fresh every single day is a myth. Late nights, hungover mornings and anxiety issues are just some of the factors that make you look tired AF.

So, how do you cancel out signs of tiredness, you ask? Fret not! We’ve got you some clever beauty solutions that can help you fake a fresh face. Here are 5 tips you need to keep in mind.


Tip #01: Get your hands on a white or nude eye pencil

Tip #01: Get your hands on a white or nude eye pencil

While kajal may be a makeup staple for many of you, it actually makes your eyes appear smaller and boxed in. Yes, you read that right! And smaller eyes can end up looking tired and sleepy.

The trick is to, therefore, get your hands on a white or nude eye pencil to rim your waterline. Such washed out colours will make your eyes appear larger and more awake. And that’s not all! Going in with a stroke of a white or nude eye pencil will cancel out signs of a hangover or sleepless nights.


Tip #02: Cold jade roller to the rescue

Tip #02: Cold jade roller to the rescue

Another clever trick to make your face look less tired is to massage it with a cold jade roller. Before using it, put the jade roller in your refrigerator and let it cool for a few minutes. After about 30 minutes, remove the jade roller from your fridge and go over with it on your face.

A cold jade roller will not only calm redness and irritation but also boost blood circulation and decrease puffiness around the eye area, making you look fresh in a jiffy. Here’s the correct way to go about using this miracle tool.


Tip #03: Highlight the inner corner of your eyes

Tip #03: Highlight the inner corner of your eyes

If you’ve been keeping a close tab on celebrity makeup looks, you must have noticed that more and more actresses are highlighting the inner corner of their eyes. Celebrity makeup artists have been using this little makeup trick to make the eyes look more awake.

If you’ve had a few hours of sleep and have an important event to attend early in the morning, then this trick might come in handy and at the same time make you look on-trend. Simply use a highlighter or a brightening concealer and with the help of a small flat brush, highlight the inner corners.

tips to fake a fresh face

Tip #04: Keep a rosewater spray handy

When nothing works, reach for a rose water spray. This natural remedy works like magic each time in helping you look fresh as a daisy instantly. The benefits of rose water for your skin are more than you can imagine. Apart from its fresh fragrance, rose water acts as a natural toner and helps you get rid of skin irritations caused due to breakouts, pimples and inflammation.

A few spritzes every hour or two can instantly make you look fresh and banish tired-looking eyes. Lug it around so you’ll have a quick-fix with you at all times.

Tip #05: Use a lemon-infused cleanser

Washing your face with cold water first thing in the morning can make your skin feel fresh and rejuvenated. However, the effect may not last too long especially if you’ve not had a good night’s sleep. But, here’s a beauty tip that can help!

Use a cleanser with lemon extracts. Lemon is a miracle ingredient which is loaded with soothing properties. Apart from that, lemon also has a citrusy smell which can add a dash of freshness to your look. We suggest you get your hands on the Lakmé Blush And Glow Lemon Gel Face Wash which is enriched with the natural goodness of lemon antioxidants, beads and extracts which is known to keep your skin feeling fresh and youthful.

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