Concealer Hacks To Boost Your Make Up Game

Written by Nidhi MotlaOct 30, 2018

With its ability to fix every skin concern from blemishes to dark circles, you sure love your concealer. Owing to its heavy pigmentation your secret beauty weapon can do more than just conceal nasty zits when used smartly. Want to do more with your concealer? We give you seven concealer hacks to boost your makeup game.

Triangle over half moons

Applying concealer in triangles that extend up to your nose helps blend the product more seamlessly into your face and will give your face an instant lift. Half-moons, on the contrary, involve applying concealer only under the eye and will give you an uneven look.

Set it right

Hate the creasing and cakey-ness under the eye? We feel you. Split a tissue into two layers and use one to lightly blot the excess oil.

Concealer for priming

A primer is super effective when it comes to keeping eyeshadow from falling off or settling in your creases. Don’t have an eye makeup primer on hand? Just dab some concealer across your lid as a base instead.

Use a highlighter with concealer for puffy eyes

After a night of partying, puffy eyes are inevitable. Hide the puff by mixing some concealer, eye cream, and highlighter on the back of your hand and applying this under the eyes and around the inner corners. This will give you natural, brighter under-eyes.

Know your concealers

Concealers are quite a powerful beauty tool if you know how to use them correctly. Opt for a concealer with peach shades to cancel out blue circles or bruising and green concealer to cover up redness or blemishes. The yellow-toned concealers correct almost all uneven skin tones and give a perfect evening skin tone.

Use it on the lips

Flaunting a shapely pout just got easier! Line the outside of your lips with a bit of concealer to make your lips pop and to prevent the colour from bleeding.

Perfect cat eye

Getting the Perfect winged eyeliner is quite a task. When you make a mistake with your liner, instead of starting at it all over again hide the flaws by dipping your angled brush in a concealer and setting it right.