It isn't everyday that you find yourself seated in a room with a man who has played a huge role in helping shape the Indian makeup and fashion industry. The hand behind one too many models, celebrities and magazine covers, both in India and abroad, We got makeup maven, Cory Walia who's a part of the Lakmé Absolute Bridal Dream team to give us all the goss on gloss...

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Our weddings are known to be loud and opulent. How does the glossy look fit in with the grand, Indian wedding?
Considering our cultural heritage and our love of reflectivity as seen in mirrorwork ghagras and lehengas and cholis, in our sheesh mahals, in the opulence of jewellery, glitter, shimmer - anything that reflects light is welcome. But today, internationally, the texture that’s really speaking volumes is gloss. And with Lakmé, we’ve taken this gloss look to the skin in the form of our Skin Gloss Crème and Overnight Mask (the day and night range) for that beautiful, hydrated shine that gives skin bounce and makes it feel young supple. So as a trend,Lakmé starts with a with a glossy look for the skin, then to the nails, then the lips and even the eyes with gel liners.

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But the common misconception Indians have is that a glossy skin tone is an oily skin tone. Could you clarify that?
Yes, shiny skin has always been associated oiliness or open pores. However, what the Gel Crème does is, it shuts and tightens the pores and gives your skin the natural sheen and bounce of naturally healthy skin. It’s hydrating it and, at the same time, because of its gel texture its cutting down on the oil and shutting pores. So essentially, it’s hydrating with moisture without any oil. The important thing to note is that the range isn't promoting oiliness, it’s promoting bouncy, tight skin that stems from lesser pore visibility.

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What are the 3 makeup trends that are ready to make it big?
One, especially for the upcoming wedding and festive season , intense jewel toned beautifully defining eyeliners in gel, pencil, powder and shadow form, but especially in glossy, metallic colours.
Two, you’re going to see gorgeous soft glossy, plump, basically, the opposite of matte and dry lips. Even though these dark lips were equated with the winter, that trend has passed now (it was popular in the early nineties with matte, dark oxblood lip) and had a short run because its very diva-ish and very serious, and made young people look older than they were.
Three, glossy everything - glossy eyes in a winged form (without looking too OTT, of course) and as far as the skin is concerned, a beautiful sleek shine on the cheekbones.

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How can you wear the glossy look during the day time?
Skincare is important. The better your skin is, the better you will look.Then you can focus on feature enhancement.
For your eyes, use a gel liner or a kajal or a combination of the two and just a hint of blush on your cheek especially for the day time. Remember that your blush is only an accompaniment, and compliment it with a soft colour on the mouth.
For the night you can emphasize the lips with the Lakmé Gloss Addict and wear just one stroke of liner. Don’t harden your look by overdoing eyes and lips.

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What are the 3 quintessentials for the modern Indian bride?
Take care of your skin leading up to the wedding day. Eat healthy, get good sleep.
Take care of your hair; a good blow dry can only do so much but real beauty comes from the inside. A bad hairstyle can unmake a bride within seconds.
Trust your makeup artist. Consult with him/her time and again so he knows what is going with your skin and hair.
At the end, the beauty and gorgeousness has to come from inside, makeup can only enhance the features.