The Right Way To Fill In Different Brow Shapes

Written by Vaishnavi ThakurOct 16, 2018
The right way to fill in different brow shapes

Good eyebrows are everything – they structure your face and enhance your makeup, no matter how dramatic or natural your makeup is. The 90s were all about the skinny, pencil-thin brows but we’re so over that trend and frankly, it’s never coming back anyway. Today, we’re all about the unkempt, bushy, thick brows! But obviously, everyone has different brow shapes so understanding them and filling them accordingly is a trick you ought to master. Scroll down to learn how…

You will need…

Investing in good eyebrow products is extremely important when you want to achieve fuller, Cara Delevingne brows. You can fill in your eyebrows with a brow pencil as well as an eye shadow that’s one tone lighter than your natural brow hair!


Eyebrow pencil

Highly arched

We highly recommend the Lakmé Absolute Precision Eye Artist Eyebrow Pencil as your go-to as it comes with a sharp tip that helps you get the strokes on point! It will also last you a long time and will give you the desired results in no time!


Eye shadow

Highly arched

Did you know that your favourite brown eye shadow could double up as an eyebrow product too? As most of us Indians have dark brows, the brown blends perfectly with the brows. The hair holds the powder pigment making it last longer and easier to set using clear mascara. We swear by Lakmé Absolute Illuminating Eye Shadow Palette!

Now let’s get shaping…


Thin, arched or steep arched

Highly arched

If you have any of the above brow shapes, the key is to make them look fuller by creating an illusion of false hair strands. Start by brushing the eyebrows in an upward direction with a spoolie. You can also use an old mascara wand for this. Once this is done, grab your eyebrow pencil and create small strokes in the direction of your hair. Start with drawing the strokes in the sparse areas and then move on to the beginning of your brow. Remember to apply very less pressure in the beginning of your brow for it to look as natural as possible. Once done, take your spoolie/mascara wand and brush lightly again. We recommend the Lakmé Absolute Precision Eye Artist Eyebrow Pencil for this.


<a href="">Thick brows</a> (could be rounded or arched)

Highly arched

If you have thick, unruly eyebrows, you know the struggle you face with keeping them in place. Thicker brows tend to have uneven edges so the best way to define them is with a powder shadow. You can pick shades of brown, but remember to not use black powder shadow as it’ll look like someone used a permanent marker to darken them. Pluck the extra hair using a tweezer and get filling. Take very little eye shadow on an angular brush and start defining the edges (top and bottom) of your brows making light strokes. We recommend using the Lakmé Absolute Illuminating Eye Shadow Palette for the best results! Fill in any sparse areas and once you’re done, quickly set the brow with clear mascara or a brow gel. It’ll stay put all day!


Flat / Straight brows (no arch)

Highly arched

Flat brows have no arches. There’s no clear definition or curve to these eyebrows, but the best part is that they’re easy to tweeze as there’s no arches involved that you can screw up. The tricky part of these brows is that they can have scanty beginnings, so your main focus is to get the beginning right. Use a lighter shade of brown and fill in slowly to create a square-ish beginning. If you get too much product on, use a spoolie to blend it. Build up the colour as you start moving to the center of the brow and fill it a little further than where your brow actually ends.


Highly arched

Highly arched

If you have highly arched eyebrows, you’ve hit the jackpot! An already arched brow just needs to be defined from the arches and the sparse areas. For this shape, a nice, fanned out finish looks stunning just like Kaia Gerber’s. Use an angular brush to fill in the sparse areas and use your clear mascara/brow gel to create a fanned out look! 

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