Do you know what’s worse than chipped nails? Broken nails. It can be pretty disappointing to see your beautifully manicured nails break in a flash. If you’ve ever been in such a situation, you’d know that the struggle to grow that broken nail back is REAL!

For some people, growing their nails can take a lifetime *phew*. But before you give up and accept to live with short nails, we’ve got you some good news. We discovered a super cool hack that can actually fix a broken nail sooner than you’d ever expect. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help get you started.

gel silk wrap method to fix broken nail

Step 01: First things first. Take off polish from your nail. You need to start from scratch in order to fix your broken nail.

Step 02: Wash the affected area with water.

Step 03: Start by applying a clear gel topcoat.

Step 04: Get your hands on a silk wrap and with the help of nail glue, stick the silk wrap over your nail. The silk wrap will help make your nail more durable and the glue will hold the wrap in place when you buff or file your nails.

Step 05: Cut off the excess silk wrap hanging at the end of your nail to make it look neater.

Step 06: Next, buff your nails and file them to give it a shape.

Step 07: Apply another layer of gel topcoat.

Step 08: Lastly, apply your favourite polish.

Image courtesy: Instagram