Do Your Eye Brows Match The Shape Of Your Face?

Written by Girija NaiksatamFeb 14, 2018
The shape of your brows goes a long way in defining your overall look. And yes, there is a recommended shape for each face. We did our research and asked make-up artist Swarnalekha Gupta for the most recommended brows for different face shapes.
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If you have a round face, a brow with medium thickness and a higher arch that can add length to your face (create an oval shape) and draw attention to your features is ideal.


The oval face can carry off the most number of brow shapes. The most recommended for
this face shape is thick brows that are rounded with a gentle arch. “Gone are the days of thin fine eyebrows. Say hello to thick, bushy and bold eyebrows. Thick eyebrows frame your face and open up your eyes. Over plucking de-shapes your brows and makes you look older,” says make-up artist Swarnalekha.


Since the arch of the brow adds length to any face, flat and straight brows with a minimal arch are recommended for people with long faces. These soften the face and make it appear shorter.


The heart shaped face lays all the emphasis on the chin. To balance it out, the eyebrow should be thin with a low, rounded arch such that it blends into the natural shape of the face.


Since the square face shape has a strong jawline, it needs strong brows to match. Women with this face shape should leave their brows thick with a natural curve towards the edge. When asked about which celebrities get their eyebrows right, Swarnalekha says, “I think a great example of a celebrity who gets it right is Kareena Kapoor. Her square face and curved eyebrows with a thick and medium arch really suit her face.”

Close Set Eyes

The shape of one’s eyes also defines how the eye brows should be shaped.
If the distance or space between the two eyes is smaller than the width of one eye, then they are said to be close set.

For close set eyes avoid plucking your eyebrows back since they will draw much attention to the centre of your eyes making the short distance noticeable. “Make your eyes look wider by widening the arch outward and extending the eyebrows slightly beyond where they normally reach on your outer eye corner,” says Swarnalekha.

Wide Set Eyes

Alternately, if the distance or space between the two eyes is bigger than the width of one eye, then it is considered to be wide set

Our make-up artist advises, “Since you want them to appear to be closer to each other, try to make an angled or a round shape towards the outer eye edge. This will make them look shorter. Also ensure that you do not extend the outer eyebrow too far outward.”

With inputs from make-up artist Swarnalekha Gupta


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