Easy, Chic And Simple Eye Makeup For Beginners

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Easy, Chic and Simple Eye Makeup for Beginners

Simple eye makeup looks may be as gorgeous as complicated makeup techniques, that require hours to create. So, why not make it easy and quick? The less is more principle 100% relates to eye makeup, and you can see all the proofs below. We’ll show you the best BB editor’s picks of simple eye makeup images, as well as step by step simple eye makeup tutorials. Read on and discover! 

Easy, Chic and Simple Eye Makeup for Beginners: The Basics 

These simple eye makeup looks can be created in less than 15 minutes for beginners, and if you work on your skills, you will easily make them on the go. We stand on the basis that beautiful eye makeup (and actually all makeup in general) should not take too much time. Imagine you master all the best eye makeup hacks, so can highlight your eyes with minimal effort, products and tools. We suggest the 7 best ways of how to do it, and you can learn them all just now... 

7 Easy, Chic and Simple Eye Makeup Looks for Beginners 

Easy, Chic and Simple Eye Makeup for Beginners | Top 7

1. Simple Contour Eye Makeup 

This easy simple eye makeup will bring your look to the next level for sure. The contouring makeup step by step guide for beginners defines your eyes, makes them visibly bigger, wider and more expressive.

Easy, Chic and Simple Eye Makeup for Beginners | Top 7

How to Create the Look 

For this simple classy eye makeup, you’ll need only the basic eye palette, like Lakmé 9to5 Eye Color Quartet Eye Shadow - Desert Rose with radiant and high-intensity natural colours. Apply a neutral basic shade to your upper eyelid, darken your eye crease and lower eyelid with a brown colour. Add the lighter shiny shade to your inner eye corner and the centre of the eyelid. Darken your outer eye corner and create a slight cat eye shape. You can leave the look natural like this, or draw a soft wing and apply mascara.

Easy, Chic and Simple Eye Makeup for Beginners | Top 7

2. Simple Eyeliner Wing Makeup 

Simple eye makeup with eyeliner is a time-proven look that fits any style or occasion. The classic makeup look can be completed with basic neutral eye shadow, pop of highlighter and touch of mascara. 

How to Create the Look 

You can create this simple eye makeup without eyeshadow, but still it’s better to apply a basic nude matte shade on your eyelid. Draw an upward wing with the Lakmé Eyeconic Liquid Eyeliner, that has a smudge-free and waterproof formula. Put on your mascara and apply your highlighter to the inner eye corner.

Easy, Chic and Simple Eye Makeup for Beginners | Top 7

3. Simple Smokey Eye Makeup 

If you need a simple party eye makeup option, this quick simple smokey eye makeup is just for you. Though, light and simple brown smokey eye makeup is an appropriate choice for everyday life and, in fact, for any occasion. 

How to Create the Look 

Outline your eyes with black pencil and slightly blend the contour. Apply your black, grey, brown matte or shimmery eye shadows to your upper and lower eyelids. Blend all and coat your lashes with mascara.

Easy, Chic and Simple Eye Makeup for Beginners | Top 7

4. Golden Eye Makeup with Lash Emphasis 

How to do simple eye makeup at home? Look, there’s nothing easier than applying your golden eye shadows and using mascara on your upper and lower lashes, which helps to make your eyes shinier and visibly bigger. 

How to Create the Look 

For this beautiful simple eye makeup, you don’t need to be the eye shadow application guru, because shimmery shadows are easy to work with. Once you applied your eye shadows, coat your lashes with Lakmé Absolute Flutter Secrets Dramatic Eyes Mascara that curls them up, adds volume and drama.

Easy, Chic and Simple Eye Makeup for Beginners | Top 7

5. Simple One Colour Eye Shadow Makeup 

What can be more simple than picking one eye shadow shade and apply it on your eyelids? Just add a touch of mascara and a pop of highlighter to the centre of your eyelid and the inner eye corner, and the look is completed. 

How to Create the Look 

You may apply your basic eye shadow colour, like pink or brown, try simple silver eye makeup, or experiment with cotton candy eye makeup trend. Just blend the product seamlessly all along your crease and apply it to your lower eyelid, too.

Easy, Chic and Simple Eye Makeup for Beginners | Top 7

6. Simple Kajal Eye Makeup 

The simple eye makeup with kajal and eyeliner is easy to achieve with just a black eye pencil and a good lengthening mascara. You can also apply your highlighter to the inner eye corner and under the brow tail for a fresher look. 

How to Create the Look 

Choose a kajal that is comfortable to wear and long-lasting on your waterline. Outline your eye shape and slightly blend. Add more black to your upper lash line and put on mascara. So simple and eye-catching!

Easy, Chic and Simple Eye Makeup for Beginners | Top 7

7. Simple Lower Eyelid Accent 

Try this quick and perfect simple eye makeup if you want to accentuate your lower eyelid. You can choose any eye pencil or liner colour, prolong it with a wing or just highlight your lower lash line. 

How to Create the Look 

A great hack for upturned eyes, this simple easy eye makeup for beginners can be done with white, black pencil, or any colourful liner. White or beige colours on your waterline will visibly widen up your eyes, blue pencil brightens the whites of your eyes and makes you look younger. 

FAQs about Easy, Chic and Simple Eye Makeup for Beginners 

Q1 How to create the simple bridal eye makeup? 

Here are a few things we recommend you to think of before sticking to easy and natural bridal makeup. First, think of your whole look: would you like to put emphasis on your lips, contour, blush, or dewy highlighter; or would prefer to keep your makeup look nude, fresh and simple but let the dress and accessories shine instead. Then decide what eye makeup will be the best match, and what feature do you want to highlight — lashes, eyelids or eye shape, whether you prefer to add a pop of colour or stick to natural shades, put on glitter or keep it matte. Finally, make sure your eye makeup is waterproof and long-lasting, prime your eyelids, set your makeup products and under eye zone. 

Q2 How to choose a simple eye makeup for saree? 

Seems quite hard to pick the makeup look that perfectly fits the beauty and grace of a traditional outfit? Don’t worry, here’s a hint: check the celebrity approved saree makeup ideas and get inspired. 

Q3 What is the best simple eye makeup for different eye colours? 

If you want to make your eye colour pop, blue eye makeup simple rule is to choose complimentary colours. They are either closest or opposite shades of a colour wheel, which means green, deep blue, orange, peachy and salmon shades. The closest colours for the simple makeup looks for green eyes are blue and yellow, the opposite shades you can use in the simple makeup for green eyes are red, purple and copper. Makeup artists claim that for brown eyes all colours are suitable, but you should pay attention to contouring your brown eyes to avoid the “flat” and dull look. 

Once you’ve learned these simple eye makeup hacks, follow the perfect nude makeup look steps

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