As beauty junkies, all of us know how important it is for us women to look perfect each and every day. Whether we are dressing up for the office, a lunch date with your girls or for a wedding, it is important that we get our makeup just right. And to help you do this, makeup tutorial is a God-sent.

From teaching you ways so that your base looks absolutely natural, to bring to your eye makeup looks that seem impossible to achieve, we have done it all.

But despite all the 95393 makeup tutorials you went through to achieve the perfect no makeup-makeup look, picking one that would best suit your needs, skill set and the available makeup at your disposal can prove to be quite a challenge! The infinite number of options based on the latest trends and the never-ending amount of makeup products can be intimidating and we get it! How’s a girl supposed to choose you to ask? Hence, it is completely understandable if you are feeling a little indecisive, and need some direction to make getting ready slightly less stressful.

Being obsessed with all things beauty ourselves, we understand why you are constantly on the lookout for that perfect makeup tutorial that is super simple and easy to recreate, no matter the occasion that you are looking to wear it to. Therefore, below we share some of our favourite makeup tutorials for every occasion. These looks will fit right into your beauty routine, and the best part is, they’re super easy to create.

Give them a try, as we promise you will win yourself more compliments than you could count!


Everyday makeup look

Everyday makeup look makeup tutorial

Everyday makeup looks, no makeup-makeup look or nude makeup –- the look has a number of names. The basis of this makeup tutorial is 'less is more'. Usually, mornings are the busiest for us and that’s when applying a perfect cat eye or contouring your face seems to be too consuming, take the simple route. Use basic makeup tricks to subtly enhance your features and still look amazing.

How to get the look:

Step 1: On a clean and moisturised face, start by applying the Lakmé Absolute Blur Perfect Makeup Primer. Next, use a BB cream such as the Lakmé Complexion Care Face CC Cream to help brighten your face and give it an even tone. After the CC cream, use a lightweight concealer such as the Lakmé Absolute White Intense Concealer Stick SPF 20 to conceal dark circles and any other imperfection or discolouration.

Step 2: Once your base makeup is done, choose a cream blush in a warm shade. You can try the Lakmé Kareena Kapoor Khan Absolute Cheek Contour - Peach Princess. Massage the colour on your skin for a super natural flush of colour. Use a little of the highlighter on the high points of your to give your skin a lit-from-within glow.

Step 3: Use a shimmery champagne coloured eye shadow all over your lid Next, use a brown coloured eyeliner such as the Lakmé Eyeconic Kajal - Classic Brown on your upper lid as well as on the lash line and smudge it out. Finish your eye makeup with a generous coat of mascara on the upper as well as the lower lashes.

Step 4: For your lips, use a lip liner in the shade that is closest to your natural lip colour and line your lips. Next, apply the Lakmé Absolute Lip Tint/Pout Crème. It has a soft matte finish and applies on the lips without any pulling or tugging.


Date night look

Date night look makeup tutorial

Although there are no rules when it comes to date night makeup, it is a great idea to highlight just one feature. You can either play up your eyes or lips; it all depends on your preference (we suggest you play by your strongest feature). Aside from personal preference, your makeup look should also probably depend on whether your date is at a fancy fine-dine restaurant or are just grabbing a cup of coffee on a Saturday afternoon. For this date night makeup tutorial, we will help you create the classic red lip and soft smokey eye look.

How to get the look:

Step 1: Start with moisturising and priming your face using the Lakmé Absolute Blur Perfect Makeup Primer. Since this is a date night, you may be looking for more coverage. Therefore, use a hydrating foundation such as the Lakmé Absolute Skin Natural Hydrating Mousse. This helps even out your skin tone and give your skin an even tone finish. Next, use a concealer such as the Lakmé Absolute White Intense Liquid Concealer to help cover dark circles and brighten up the complexion.

Step 2: To give your face a more chiselled appearance, contour the shadows of your face. Next, use a shimmery highlighter on the high points of your face to look like radiant and glowing.

Step 3: Since this is a night look, you can play up the blush a little. You can try the Lakmé Absolute Illuminating Blush Shimmer Brick. The shimmer in this blush makeup gives your face a lovely flush of colour.

Step 4: Start by moisturising and priming your eyes. Then take the brown shade from the Lakmé 9 to 5 Eye Color Quartet Eye Shadow, Tanjore Rush and apply it all over your lid. Use the lightest shade in the shade palette and apply it to your brow bone as well as in the inner corner of your eye. Use black kohl to draw a thick line on the upper eyelid as well as the bottom lid. Smudge it with your fingers for maximum effect. Coat the lashes in mascara to give it a sultry effect.

Step 5: As you have played down your eye, it is best to dress up your lips in a bright colour. Use the Elle 18 Color Pop Matte Lip Color - Code Red to pull your entire look together.


Brunch look

Brunch look makeup tutorial

Sunday brunches are all about the happy glow. Brunch makeup should usually be fuss-free as you don’t want to deal with falsies or a red lipstick that ends up staining the cutlery. Hence, here is a simple brunch makeup tutorial look that will make you look fresh and radiant.

How to get the look:

Step 1: Start by applying a tinted moisturiser or a CC cream that you can easily blend with your fingers. You can try the Lakmé 9 to 5 Naturale CC Cream as it evens out and brightens your skin tone. You can sweep on some concealer to hide dark circles if any. 

Step 2: Brush your brows and lightly define your brows using the Lakmé Absolute Precision Eye Artist Eyebrow Pencil to fill in any sparse spaces in your eyebrows.

Step 3: Apply a shimmery light brown eyes shadow all over your lid. Next curl your lashes and coat the lower as well as the upper lashes in 2-3 coats of the Lakmé Kareena Kapoor Khan Absolute Lash Definer – Black to open up your eyes and look wide awake.

Step 4: Sweep on some peach coloured blush to make your face look fresh and bright. Try the Lakmé Kareena Kapoor Khan Absolute Cheek Contour - Peach Princess Blend the product into your skin using your fingers for a natural makeup look.

Step 5: To finish your brunch look, apply some pretty peach coloured blush such as the Lakmé Absolute Plump And Shine Lip Gloss – Rose Shine.

Frequently asked questions

What do you need for a basic makeup look?

- For a basic makeup look, you do not need a lot of products. You will need a primer, a foundation, a concealer, a blush, a nude eyeshadow palette, an eyeliner and a lipstick and you are good to go.  

What comes first, foundation or concealer?

- A foundation always comes before a concealer. If you apply foundation after concealer, you are basically rubbing off the concealer and making the previous application useless. 

Is it okay to put foundation under the eyes? 

- Yes, you can apply a little bit of foundation under your eyes, but it won't do the job if you have really dark circles under your eyes. Therefore, it is best to a apply a concealer as it has a thicker consistency and hides imperfections better.

How do I make my makeup last all day?

- For your makeup to look and flawless and last all day, it is important to prep your skin really well with a proper skincare routine. Never skip on applying a primer and set your makeup in place using a makeup setting spray. If you follow these simple steps, then your makeup will definitely last pretty long.  

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