Easy Ways To Remove Waterproof Mascara Without Damaging Your Lashes

Written by Sanya HamdaniSep 16, 2023
Easy ways to remove waterproof mascara without damaging your lashes

You wear a waterproof mascara to make sure your eyes look their dramatic best and your makeup does not melt down. However, taking it off can be a nightmare. It can get really messy and you might end up losing as well as damaging your lashes. But removing every bit of your makeup is important before you go to bed, so how do you remove waterproof mascara? Here’s how...

easy ways to remove waterproof mascara without damaging lashes

Micellar water

This will be your Holy Grail product once you give it a try. Micellar water is one of the gentlest makeup removing formulas that melts makeup and then lifts it up leaving you with clean skin and eyelashes. The Simple Kind To Skin Micellar Cleansing Water gives you a squeaky clean face and eliminates the need for rinsing!

Eye makeup remover

Better yet, use a makeup removing formula especially developed for the eye area. The Simple Kind To Skin Eye Make-Up Remover removes waterproof mascara with so much ease you will feel like it was never there! Free from harsh chemicals and alcohol, this formula won’t irritate your eyes nor leave any residue behind. 

easy ways to remove waterproof mascara without damaging lashes

Soft cotton pads

As essential as it is to choose the right makeup remover, it is equally important to use the right tool that will help remove waterproof mascara effectively. Soft cotton pads that are extremely gentle on your skin and eyes are a good choice. They are readily available both online and offline, however make sure you only opt for the softest ones.

Q tip

The stubborn nature of waterproof mascara may leave behind some residue. This residue gets collected on the lower lash line and enhances dark circles making them look uglier. Take a Q tip and dip it in your makeup or eye makeup removing formula and gently lift up the entire residue to make it all clean and clear.

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