Back To Basics: 5 Essential Makeup Tricks Every Beginner Should Know

Written by Urvi DalalSep 16, 2023
Back to basics: 5 essential makeup tricks every beginner should know

If you are just starting out with makeup, it can be an intimidating, new world. And, why not? Simply looking at the number of products, their uses, coupled with the tools you need to apply each one of them can scare the living daylights out of the best of us.

However, once you know the basics of how it all works, the journey of falling in love with makeup is only uphill. And guess what? We are here to make this process a lot easier for all you makeup beginners out there. Read on to find out about the top 5 essential tips that every makeup newbie needs to know.


01. Primer is necessary

05.	You only need three lipsticks

In the beginning, a primer may seem like a pointless investment, but believe us, it is one of the most life-changing products you will ever use. It will fill in the pores, even out the skin tone and provide a smooth surface for your makeup to glide on. Start using a primer from the very beginning and see how well your makeup turns out and lasts on your skin.


02. Invest in the right kind of makeup brushes

05.	You only need three lipsticks

One mistake that most makeup newbies make is to apply makeup products with their fingers. This makeup application technique will leave behind harsh lines and strokes, and deprive you of the flawless finish. While having a full set of makeup brushes can be an expensive affair, you can invest in a few, good quality brushes, to begin with.


03. Foundation comes before concealer

05.	You only need three lipsticks

This is one of the most common mistakes that even makeup pros make at times. But here is the truth – your foundation always comes before concealer. Applying concealer before foundation will end up smearing the product, thus negating its use. A good quality foundation will cover up most of the blemishes and pigmentation on your face. You can then go over certain areas of your face with a concealer for extra coverage.


04. Always have a blush in your stash

05.	You only need three lipsticks

Believe it or not, blushes are makeup game changers and that slight pop of colour can completely transform your features. It can make you look more fresh, glowing and youthful. But remember, when it comes to blushes, less is more. Start by applying the tiniest amount of product and then build it up if needed.


05. You only need three lipsticks

05.	You only need three lipsticks

Don’t buy into everything you read and see online. In reality, every girl on this planet needs only three lip colours. A red, a pink and a nude, which she can alternate between, depending on her mood and the occasion. If you have these three colours, you can mix and match them up to create any look you want. How great is that?!

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