Have you been embarrassed of your dark lips for a long time? Well, it could be the sun exposure, smoking or just basic bad habits that are causing some serious damage to your lips leaving them blackened. Want to know how you can achieve rosy, pink lips? Read our tips to find out!

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Drink less coffee

You might be addicted to ordering cups of coffee to survive a day at work but did you know that caffeine can darken your lips excessively? Well, it’s simple – caffeine is diuretic, which means it promotes the production of urine. This process leads to dry lips because the water in the body is depleted. So girls, even if you drink 2 litres of water every day, chances are that the caffeine reduces the hydration in the body, leading to damaged and dark lips. So we suggest you control your coffee intake if you want to heal those dark lips.

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Use Lakmé Lip Love

Your lips may be losing their hydration and are hence, becoming dark. If you’re fed up of looking for the perfect lip care product to combat dark lips, you just need Lakmé Lip Love right now! This product has a dual core – its inner core contains a creamy inner that moisturises the lips while its outer core lends your lips colour, which means you can not only hide those blackened lips but also ensure that they heal!

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Condition with olive oil

Olive oil contains Vitamin A and E, which act as soothing agents for the lips as they heal skin tissues. You may have noticed how several moisturisers and lip products contain olive oil because it works wonders for the skin, right? Applying olive oil twice daily can reduce blackening of lips to a great extent.

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Check expiry date of lipsticks

After a period of time, the stability of the molecules in the lipstick loosens up. This leads to the composition of the product changing and hence, the ingredients turn into toxins that damage the lips to a great extent. We suggest you use your lipstick for not more than 18 months if you want your lips to retain their rosy colour.

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Less sun exposure

One of the biggest reasons behind dark lips is chronic sun exposure. The sun rays can cause the lips to burn. UV rays also increase the melanin pigment in the lips, which is nothing but hyperpigmentation. To stay away from this, make sure you spend less time in the sun.