Siren red lips or a Marilyn Monroe inspired bouffant – the retro night theme party is the ideal occasion to announce your love for the historic era of the 20s to the 70s. From bold, geometric prints to high-waisted bikini bottoms, there is a whole plethora of ways to inject a tiny bit of retro fashion into your modern day wardrobe.
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Baby steps
For the faint-hearted, the initial stepping stool to incorporate this trend can be something as simple as cherry red lipstick. Pair this makeup trick with a polka-dotted dress or a splash of neon to wear the retro trend to perfection.

For those who like drama
Another quirky makeup trick that we are waiting to adopt ourselves is false eyelashes. A fuller variety of false lashes can be a more ideal adaptation of this dated trend. More often than not, false eyelashes and a dab of a darker lipstick shade is all the makeup you require to seem ready for a night on town. The important trick to remember is to make sure you do not go overboard with your makeup and stay away from strokes that are too bold or overly dramatic.

Playing it safe
In line with false eyelashes, another makeup trend that can be incorporated into daytime dressing as well is the wingtip eyeliner. This feline inspired brush stroke is an ever-so-purrfect amalgamation of retro fashion and modern vibrancy. Taking inspiration from the era of Audrey Hepburn and the sensation she created with her look in the classic romantic comedy, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, the wingtip eyeliner is the epitomic depiction of elegance, style, and timeless beauty.

Speaking of trends
As the year 2014 edges on, we can distinctly see a shift towards powdery pastels and the re-surfacing of feminine classics. In line with the same, the archetypical bouffant is definitely one of the more prominent hairstyles that is gaining momentum this year. When it comes to hair, big defines “beautiful” this season. For a retro themed night, big hair is certainly the glamorous cherry you need to perfectly top off that vintage ensemble.