A Handy Makeup Guide Every Girl Boss Needs In Her Life

Written by Urvi DalalSep 16, 2023
A handy makeup guide every girl boss needs in her life

You hustle hard at work, and want to look good doing it! But a full makeup routine in the morning is a race against time that is impossible to win. We have come up with an easy makeup guide that every girl boss needs to look well put-together and feel confident all day, every day.

These makeup tips are absolutely work-appropriate, super simple and take less than 10 minutes to perfect.


Get your boss brow on

Never without mascara

Defined and well-structured brows instantly frame your face. Filled-in brows have a way of making your face look bold and confident. This is a staple makeup trick that every woman needs to have in her arsenal.

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Stick to matte textures

Never without mascara

Keep your glossy and shimmery products for the weekend and stick to matte textures for everyday office wear. Cream or matte-finish products make you look more polished and sophisticated and are hence the perfect choice for professionals.


Opt for a natural-looking base

Never without mascara

You can make lasting impressions at work, either for your cakey makeup or for your flawlessly blended base. Make sure it is for the latter! Opt for foundations that provide sheer to medium coverage with a matte finish. Remember that no matter what coverage you pick, you have to blend it well and work the product into your skin for a natural-looking finish.

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Nude lipstick for the win

Never without mascara

A red lipstick screams confidence, but we strongly believe that a matte lipstick in a nude shade can also make for a powerful statement. A few coats of any MLBB lipstick of your choice and you’re ready to take on anything the day throws at you.

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Never without mascara

Never without mascara

Looking tired is never an option for a girl boss and this is why you need to keep a lengthening and volumising mascara in your kitty at all times. Two coats of mascara coupled with a little blush is everything you need to fake a good night’s sleep and look absolutely perky and bright eyed. 

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