Everything You Didn't Know About Mascara

Written by Team BBJan 09, 2020
We hear you girls, for some of you mascara is as much of a necessity as caffeine. You simply can’t leave home without that added drama on your lashes And why would you? With the right stroke(s) of mascara, you can define your eyes and make them look bigger, brighter and better. Which is precisely why, we’ve put together a list of everything you need to know about the essential wand.
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Don’t forget to wipe it off before going to bed

Believe us when we say this, sleeping with mascara is a cardinal sin that you don’t want to be committing. Mascaras have ingredients that make your lashes stiff, which makes it easier for them to break if you toss and turn while sleeping. Better to be a good girl and wipe off the gloop before your sweet night.

The vinegar test

Always sniff your mascara before using it. If it smells anything like vinegar then that’s your cue, your mascara has gone rancid and it’s time to throw it away and indulge in a new wand!

Pumping your brush in and out is a big ‘no no’

Life is short, but your lashes needn’t be! Even so, pumping your brush in and out of the product ends up pushing air into the tube which makes it dry out faster. Instead you need to gently twist the brush back and forth in circular motions to pick up the goods and apply away, generously.

Never share your mascara

As harmless as it might seem to try out your friend’s mascara, don’t be like the rest of them darling. It is not hygienic to share mascara as it can lead to all sorts of eye infections and redness, keeping you one step away from your epic 3D lash game.

Nobody said it was going to be easy

Pick up dark colours like brown, black and blue to add a voluminous effect to your lashes. You can also use the tip of the wand to reach out to the tiniest of lashes in the corners of your eyes for better volume and precision curling.

Tricks of the trade

To apply mascara with utmost precision, curl your lashes before you apply the product. Start applying mascara from the base of your lashes and then gradually go towards the ends. When brushing your upper lashes look down and when brushing your lower lashes raise your chin and look at the ceiling.

With these tips in your kitty, may your lashes be long and your coffee stay strong.

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