Let’s admit it: Who doesn’t want longer and fuller lashes? They make your eyes look big and pretty. While mascara is one way to add volume to your lashes, there are days when simply applying mascara isn’t enough. That’s when falsies come into the picture.

They not only make your eyes look bigger and pretty but also add zing to an otherwise mediocre makeup look. The only downside? They aren’t the easiest to apply *sigh*. Buuut, have you ever tried individual lashes? They’re a lot more convenient to apply than their strip counterparts. Yes, really!

To help you nail the application of individual falsies, I’ve put together a simple guide you can follow. Take a look…


How to apply individual lashes

How to apply individual lashes

You will need:

A pack of individual lashes

Lash glue


How to apply individual lashes:

01. Complete your eye makeup

Before starting with the lashes, always ensure everything, from the primer to eyeliner, is complete. But don’t apply mascara just yet

02. Apply lash glue

Choose a glue that ends up drying to a clear matte finish as they don’t accentuate application mistakes (if any). Take a small piece of cardboard or foil and apply a tiny dot of glue to it and wait until it feels a little goopy but not completely dry. Applying super wet glue will make the lashes shift around and not adhere to your lashes as they should.

03. Place the lashes

Using a tweezer, pick up the individual lash from the middle as that will make the process of sticking them a lot easier. Dip the lash in the goopy glue from the cardboard and very carefully stick it on your lash line. Always start at the inner corner, moving outwards.

Note: Always start with applying fewer lashes in the sparse areas on your lash line and keep adding as needed. It is relatively easier to apply lashes than to take them out, hence always start small.