Athleisure beauty—is the newest beauty trend to have hit the beauty scene and it is clearly having a major moment on the beauty promenade too! So what does the term mean, when it comes to skin care and makeup anyway?

As the terms exercise-compatible makeup, sweat-proof makeup, gym-ready makeup et al continue to gain momentum, we thought it was high time we opened the discussion on BeBeautiful and here is what we found out...


So what is athleisure beauty?

So what is athleisure beauty?

Simply put, athleisure beauty stands for sweat-proof, casual, easy, wearable makeup. But on further dwelling and after much reading, research and ‘within the team’ debate; we realised that the beauty editors at Team BeBe are divided on the matter and that we have three different ways to approach athleisure beauty! 

First thought is—it is about makeup products that are sweat-proof and will survive the sweatiest of workouts. Second—it is about natural makeup that will cause less harm to your skin if worn during workouts. Third thought is—simply don’t wear any makeup to a workout!

“Sweat-proof makeup is great for when I want to rock my gym look and a lot of people prefer to wear makeup to the gym” — Harshita Prabhakar

Harshita, senior Beauty writer at BeBeautiful, argues that she prefers athleisure beauty and sweat-proof makeup for the same reason why anyone ever wears makeup!

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“It’s old-fashion vanity. There should be no judgement about anyone’s decision to wear makeup to anywhere. When I step into my gym and see that many mirrors all around me, I find myself staring at myself and sometimes at the available eye candy too. And as much as I care about my skin we are living in 2018, athleisure beauty is trending, sweat-proof makeup is definitely an option and I want to make the most of it” she says. “An eyebrow pencil and the Lakmé Absolute waterproof mascara are my go-to makeup and they totally survive my gym sessions too,”Harshita insists.

“Wearing makeup to the gym is bad for your skin, period. It doesn’t matter how sweat-proof it is” — Khubi Amin Ahmed

Khubi Amin Ahmed, Deputy Editor, BeBeautiful says, “I personally believe that wearing makeup to the gym is a bad idea! When we workout, our blood circulation and heart rate tend to increase and our sweat glands become active. This leads to sweating which in turn detoxifies the skin so I believe it is important to allow your skin to sweat and get rid of the toxins without suffocating it with makeup, however light or sweat-proof it may be.”

“So ladies, I say cleanse your skin well before any workout. When you break into a sweat, allow your skin to breathe and enjoy your precious makeup when you need to play dress up!”

“Sweat-proof and natural makeup and skin care products are now a thing and I don’t see any harm in giving it a try” — Sanya Hamdani

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“Truth be told, working out with a clean face is always better for the skin as opposed to working out with makeup on. But if you enjoy your makeup and if you have to meet someone post workout, I feel you can be smart about the whole thing” Sanya Hamdani, Senior Features Editor, says.

“You can be smart with athleisure beauty and avoid any harmful effects of it on your skin while still using some basic makeup. Like the Lakmé Eyeconic water resistant kajal or the Lakmé Absolute waterproof mascara are all great if you believe in athleisure beauty but want to keep your skin safe. The slightly tinted lip balms like the Lakmé Absolute waterproof mascara are all great for when you want to jazz up your gym look” Sanya concludes.