Everything You Needed To Know About Makeup Sponges

Written by Chandni GhoshSep 28, 2016
As makeup lovers, only we know how much we value a good foundation; one that blends perfectly in our skin and hides all our skin problems. That’s the magic of makeup after all—the kind that seamlessly blends into your face and feels light as ever. But do you realise that having the right foundation is of no use if you cannot apply it properly? You might have the best products in place but without the right tools your face will end up looking cakey and unnatural. This is when makeup sponges come handy. Available in variety of shapes and sizes, these sponges make the application of makeup so much simpler. Want to know more about them? Read on...
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Makeup sponges are much easier to use when it comes to achieving flawless makeup as they ensure that your face gets the best base makeup ever. Moreover, these sponges last long but this also largely depends on how well you maintain your makeup. Moreover, at times when you apply makeup, people notice it immediately ‘coz your face looks unusually patchy because of the makeup. Well, this might happen because your fingers are not equipped enough to blend the makeup completely. The makeup sponge absorbs excess liquid and ensures that just the right amount of foundation goes into your skin making it look naturally beautiful.

Types of sponges

Acing your makeup depends on the kind of sponge you opt for. The round and rectangular sponges are used mostly for applying foundation on the forehead and the cheeks. You must use the wedge-shaped sponges if you’re looking for contouring. But the egg shaped sponges are mostly used to give your skin even coverage and lends your face an air brush like finish. You can use the tip on your nose and mouth while opt for the wider base when you want to blend makeup on your chin, cheeks and forehead.

How to use a makeup sponge

You must ensure that you wet the sponge before use so it helps smoothen the application. If you’re using liquid foundation, just squeeze on the back of your hand and then dab some on your sponge and apply to the face. Don’t swipe it across your face but ensure that you dab the makeup. Add more foundation to ensure that you get enough coverage over your face and neck.

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