When To Throw Away Makeup Products

Written by Shravani ChavanSep 16, 2023
When to throw away makeup products
Everybody has been guilty of storing makeup long past its expiry date one time or another. Just because you spent a lot of money on it or worse - you have not used it as much as you hoped you would, is not reason to keep it safely on your beauty shelf.  Using makeup products after a their expiry period could end up giving you a bad infection. Such expired makeup products can also cause various skin issues like acne, breakouts and zits. Here is a quick guide on when to throw away your makeup products.



Whether you use your fingers to apply foundation or a brush, you have to wash both before using them on your face. Otherwise it increases the chance of bacteria growing on the foundation with each use. It is always wise to change your foundation once every 6 months. You can also switch to foundations available in pump bottles.




Applying moisturiser is very similar to applying foundations. The only difference is that moisturiser is absorbed by your pores and it hydrates your skin. It gets contaminated with each use and you surely do not want your skin to absorb bacteria. Change your moisturiser after every 6 months to maintain healthy skin.




The main purpose of using sunscreen is protecting your skin from UV rays and environmental damage. It is best to check the expiry date and dispose of it a few days before it gets expired.




Texture and finish is everything when it comes to blushes and shadows. Such powder products should go in the trash after eight months of use. As these products are in primary contact with your cheeks and eyes it is a must to check on the product’s condition. Clean your makeup brushes and your compacts often to make them last even longer.




Store lipsticks in cool and dry places to make them last longer. You should change your lipsticks after using them for one year. Do not use it after it’s expiry. It is important to follow this as there is a good chance that you ingest your lipstick and you don’t want it to upset your stomach!




Getting a perfect winged line is every woman's goal when it comes to applying eyeliner. To get the perfect finish, keep changing your liquid liner every nine months and your pencil liner every year. Keep your eyeliner out of the humidity to maintain its consistency. 




Gel eyeliners and mascaras dry faster than any other makeup product. As you apply mascara on your lashes, make sure you change it every 4 months. If you are having sensitive eyes or any eye infections it is better to avoid applying such products.

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