All of us secretly wish that we could take a sip from the fountain of youth. While that’s not possible, our next best bet is using makeup to conceal those pesky signs of ageing. And since our eyes are one of the first areas to show visible signs of ageing, it only makes sense to learn a few makeup tricks that can cover up those signs of ageing and make us look more youthful in an instant. Here are a few tips that can help...


Shape your brows differently

Shape your brows differently - Makeup tricks

We love how perfectly arched brows look, right? But if you want to look younger, it’s best to steer clear of arched brows. Why, you ask? Well, when you’re younger, your natural brows have a straighter, more softer appearance and going back to this brow shape will help you mimic that look. If you have arched eyebrows because of years of threading/waxing, then use a soft pencil such as the Lakme Black EyeBrow Pencil to soften the arch.


Switch to a brown eyeliner

Switch to a brown eyeliner - Makeup tricks

We have all been devoted to our black eyeliner for years, but as we grow older, it is best to kiss this one goodbye and switch to a warm shade such as brown. Why? Unlike a black eyeliner, which casts a lot of shadow and draws unnecessary attention to the lines around your eyes, the warm tones in brown has a brightening effect that make you look younger.

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Invest in a nude eye pencil

Invest in a nude eye pencil - Makeup tricks

If you are someone who is battling with tired eyes or dark circles, then invest in a nude eye pencil. But a piece of advice – always look for a colour that is similar to your natural skin tone. Use this eye pencil to line your water liner and watch how your face brightens up.


Use matte eyeshadows

Use matte eyeshadows - Makeup tricks

For girls with visible fine lines, wrinkles or crow’s feet, it’s best to avoid glittery eyeshadows and stick to matte eye makeup products. This is because glitter eyeshadows not only reflect light and draw attention to the problem area, but they also settle into those lines and wrinkles, thereby emphasising them.

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