Master Arch Styles For Eyebrow Elegance

Written by Lopa KOct 26, 2023
Master Arch Styles for Eyebrow Elegance

If you've ever gazed in the mirror and thought your brows could use a little pizzazz, then you've stumbled upon the right place. We're going to explore the art of arches like never before. We're talking about different types of eyebrows that could rival Mona Lisa's enigmatic smile in the mystique department! Whether you're after a classic high arch or a sultry, modern Cara Delevingne vibe, we've got you covered. 


Eyebrow Elegance: Mastering Different Arch Styles

FAQs about Eyebrow Shapes

Brows frame your face; the right brow shape can enhance your features or completely ruin it. It seems easy to pick a shape that looks good and make it your go-to eyebrow shape. But did you know your face shape plays a vital role in determining how your brow should look?  

The Diverse Eyebrow Styles for Face Shapes 

So, if you are wondering what type of eyebrows suit me, we’ve got you: 

Round Face - Soft, curved chin and wide cheekbones are some common features of a round face shape. So, which type of eyebrow suits on round face? Opt for soft and slightly curved brows. Adding some height to the arch and lengthening the ends to create the illusion of a longer face. 

Oval Face - Those with an oval face shape will have a wider forehead, soft chin and slight curve on the sides of the face. Which type of eyebrow suits on oval face, then? The best part about having this face shape is that most brow styles go with it. But to get the most flattering shape, keep them soft. 

Square Jaw - The square face shape has defined features and an angular jawline. The trick is to keep your brows angular so that they don’t contradict your natural face shape. Give your arch a good lift and some length to make your face look longer. 

Heart Shape - A wide forehead and narrow chin are common features of someone with a heart-shaped face. Opt for rounder brows, softly shaped with a slight curve to shorten the wideness of your forehead. 

Long Face - The characteristics of a long face shape are very similar to that of a square one but longer. The forehead, cheeks and jawline are all of almost the same width. If you want your brows to enhance your best features, add length to the tail and keep enough space between your two eyebrows. 

Eyebrow Shapes and How to Style Them 


The Natural Charm of Unkempt Brows

FAQs about Eyebrow Shapes

The beauty of bushy and natural eyebrows is finally getting the spotlight it deserves. Think Kajol's mesmerizing look, Cara Delevigne's signature style, the iconic brows of Lily Collins, and the timeless elegance of Brooke Shields. These stars have shown us the allure of letting your brows run wild, and it's time you joined the club. 

It's all about embracing those charming imperfections and enhancing your natural arch for an effortless look. This means not over-tweezing or shaping them too much. The goal is to achieve an effortless and low-maintenance look that highlights your unique features and doesn't require excessive upkeep. 

When it comes to effortlessly achieving those naturally filled brows with a soft, natural finish, the Lakmé Absolute Precision Eye Artist Eyebrow Pencil is your trusty sidekick. It's not just long-lasting; it's also water and smudge-proof, ensuring your brows stay on point all day. Plus, it features a unique precision tip for those moments when every detail matters. 


The Elegance of Defined Brows

FAQs about Eyebrow Shapes

Ah, the elegance of defined brows – it's like giving your face a little black dress. But don't worry, we're not going for the 'sharpie' brow look here. To achieve defined eyebrows, it's all about precision. Tweezing and threading whether at home or the parlour, allow you to sculpt your brows, creating a more defined and polished appearance without going to extremes. The result is well-defined brows that enhance your facial features while still looking natural.  

You can use concealer to define the edges of your brows, giving them a clean and sharp appearance without losing their natural look. This technique helps your brows appear well-groomed and put-together while preserving their inherent beauty. 

But are your brows too sparse or naturally thin for this look? How about drawing brows that could rival the precision of micro-blading without the hassle? Well, Look no further! Lakmé's Micro Brow Perfecter offers long-lasting, smudge-proof, and sweat-proof brows that require zero touch-ups. The super-micro tip lets you draw with ease, mimicking your natural brow hair. And with a built-in spoolie, it's like having a professional brow tool in your hand, easy to groom and brush out your brows in the shape you like. 


Arched Brows: A Timeless Classic

FAQs about Eyebrow Shapes

Despite there being so many types of eyebrows, there's something undeniably timeless about arched brows, whether thin or thick. They have the incredible power to lift and frame your face, making you the belle of the ball, or well, anywhere you go. Creating the perfect arch in your eyebrows requires careful measurement and shaping. To determine the highest point of your brow, picture a diagonal line from your nose, past the centre of your to where your eyebrows are. That is where your arch should be. This in mind allows you to sculpt a sophisticated arch that complements your face.

FAQs about Eyebrow Shapes

Along with threading or tweezing out the strays, this process also involves filling in any sparse areas and grooming your brows to achieve an elegant and timeless look. Or do you want to create the illusion of a captivating arch even if you naturally don’t have a high arch? Lakmé's 3D Eye Brow Definer has your back. The brow pencil is all about minimal effort for maximum impact, delivering creamy and smooth strokes that blend effortlessly. The built-in spoolie gets your arches in place, brushes out the strands, blends the drawn-on brows and helps define your arch with precision. 


Bold Brows: Making a Statement

FAQs about Eyebrow Shapes

Let's talk about bold brows, shall we? They're a statement that screams confidence and charisma. Bold brows can significantly influence your facial features and overall self-confidence. They become a focal point, drawing attention to your face. And the best part is that styling bold brows is as easy as ever – simply combine muted eye makeup with bold lips to create a harmonious and captivating overall appearance that draws attention to your bold brows. 

FAQs about Eyebrow Shapes

Creating striking, eye-catching bold brows involves completely filling in your brows once the strays are plucked. When you're in doubt and seeking the tried-and-true, look no further than the iconic Lakmé Eyebrow Pencil. It's a must-have in nearly every Desi girl's vanity pouch. This dependable tool not only defines your brows but also enhances your natural look. With its water-resistant, long-lasting, and smudge-free formula, it offers a dramatic and bold effect. Easy to use and always reliable, it's the OG solution for perfectly framed and bold brows.  


FAQs about Eyebrow Shapes

FAQs about Eyebrow Shapes

Q1. What are the different types of eyebrows arches? 

Round Arch: This arch has a gentle curve and is considered a softer and more natural shape. 

Soft Arch: Similar to the round arch, it's gently curved and flattering for many face shapes. 

Flat and Tapered Arch: This shape has a more horizontal, flat appearance with a slight taper towards the ends. 

Hard Arch: A more defined and angular arch that can create a strong, bold look. 

Steep Arch: This arch has a steeper, more dramatic curve. 

S-Shaped Arch: It features a gentle curve at the beginning, then a downward dip, and finally a rise at the end.  

Q2. What type of eyebrows are attractive? 

A soft, round eyebrow shape tends to suit most face shapes and can look good on all. It's not overly thin or thick and has a gentle, natural curve. This shape complements a wide range of facial features and provides a balanced and harmonious look. 

Q3. How do I find my eyebrow’s natural shape? 

Start by holding a makeup brush or a pencil vertically along the side of your nose, aligning it with the inner corner of your eye. This is where your brow should begin. 

Next, the edge of the brush or pencil to align it with the outer edge of your iris when looking straight ahead. This marks where the arch should ideally peak. 

Lastly, pivot the brush or pencil further to align it with the outer corner of your eye. This is where your brow should end. 

Connecting these points, you'll have the basic outline of your eyebrow shape.  

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