It was probably in our early teens when most of us first tried putting eyeliner. Some of us got it right and kept improving over time while some of us made a few nasty blunders, dealt with some public embarrassment and finally decided that we looked better with good ol’ kajal/kohl. Based on our collective experience, here’s a list of everything that can go wrong with eyeliner and how you can avoid it…
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What: Liners that fade too soon
Quick Fix: Always choose a liquid eyeliner over a pencil liner. Liquid liners can be dicey to apply but once you master it, you’ll realise that they help define your eyes a lot better. Liquid liners also stay on a lot longer and won’t smudge or wear off if you accidentally rub your eyes.
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What: Liners that flake
Quick Fix: When you’ve just applied liner, chances are that if you’re using one that’s old and dried, a bit of it might flake off, just like mascara. If you’re not too careful, you’ll end up with grey ash strokes all over your face. The best way to ensure this doesn’t happen is to heavily powder your cheeks, apply your liner, wait for it to dry and use a thick brush to get rid of any remnants.
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What: Unevenly lined eyes
Quick fix: Getting your liner straight comes with regular practice. For one, make sure that your elbow is well rested on a surface before you start lining. Next, if you find it difficult to get a single line in one swoop you can dot your eyelid to mark the line and then join the dots. But make sure that you always start with a thin line and then add to the thickness as desired.
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What: Fixing Liner Mistakes
Quick Fix: Fixing liner mistakes is a dainty job that requires patience and precision. In case your liner smudges or you’re left with wet liner near your brow bone (a very common occurrence) reach for a ear bud dipped in makeup remover or cleansing lotion and clean off the extra liner in one swipe. Then invert the bud, run the dry side over the same area and blend your eye shadow back.
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