5 Makeup Essentials For The Working Girl

Written by Team BBNov 11, 2016
From moisturiser to mascara, we’re bringing you our essential list of makeup products that includes all you need to prep your skin and highlight your features for a successful day at the office. We have no doubt that a hot cup of coffee and a clear head can make you productive, but when you throw a handful of makeup products in the bag—you’ve got confidence, a little bit of fun and a ready-to-conquer attitude that is only all-too-important for the working girl. So, jump on-board and rethink your beauty game!

5 makeup must haves for working girl winged liner 430x550

To start off, you want a product that gives you everyday coverage—this means you need something that is light and malleable, so you don’t feel like you’ve got a heavy, cakey layer of product slapped on to your face as you juggle meetings in the conference room. Instead, what you’re looking for is something that’s easy to blend and is, most importantly, water-based. Secondly, you want a product that has SPF to give you that daily protection along with an instant glow. So to sum up, what you need to cash in on is a product that is a combination of makeup and skincare to get you through a work-day so that you have all the elements you need to look your professional best while protecting your skin from all the daily turbulence.

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5 makeup must haves for working girl winged liner 430x550

If you have slightly more problematic skin, which is in need of something stronger than a skin-soufflé, we recommend you opt for something that will deliver medium to high coverage, but yet remains a product that has a silky and delicate texture and superior blending qualities. Again, make sure you opt for a product that has a gentle moisturiser and a built-in SPF to give you that balance of effective skin care combined with makeup.

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5 makeup must haves for working girl winged liner 430x550

Some girls claim that a magic coat of deep black on their lashes has literally changed their lives. They find that with a pop in their lashes, people react to them differently causing them to express themselves differently (read: confident, assured and assertive), which are exactly the sentiments you need to be carrying with you at the workplace. Makeup certainly can be a powerful thing and when you find the ultimate product for your peepers, complete with a fairy-wand, you know that there’s no turning back.

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5 makeup must haves for working girl winged liner 430x550

When you’re at the office, you want to have on a face that looks effortless, chic and uncomplicated. There is nothing to be gained by having your peers feel like you spent the better half of your morning on sculpting your game face (how much time you actually spend on your makeup is irrelevant.) This is why a naturally looking nude lip will do the trick. Fuss-free, elegant and work-appropriate—this is definitely a working-girl’s essential.

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5 makeup must haves for working girl winged liner 430x550

And finally, a bold, structured eye is all you need to complete your work-wear essentials. With a precision liquid liner, you can create a precise line on your lids to give you that in-control look that works great from AM to PM. We’re totally digging the pen-format that comes with a foam-tip liner for that extra precision, easy grip and single stroke application to bring power to your corporate environment.

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