Some people like to sample chocolate and some people prefer dessert and there are those who like, well, makeup. Yes, yes, guilty as charged, we are. Putting our collective experience to good use here are our quick tips on how to better organise your makeup…

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Zero in on your essentials
Everyone suffers from makeup myopia once in a while. But no matter how high or low you rate yourself on the hoarder scale, get some perspective and identify your everyday makeup essentials. How do you classify what’s an “essential” and what is not? Ask yourself a simple question - “If I were 30 minutes late already, would I be willing to leave the house without this (blush/mascara/kohl and so on)?” If the answer is no, chances are it’ll most likely fall into your essential list. It’s a tough job, but it has to be done!

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Box by categories
The easiest way to categorise your makeup is to divide it into categories and colour code it into boxes as opposed to one big box. Most women think that having everything in one giant box makes it easier to browse options and know the palette you have at hand. Not true. Instead, make separate storage for your lip wear, eye makeup paraphernalia and so on so that it’s easily segregated and much easier for you to sift through and find what you’re looking for especially when you’re trying to put a particular look together.

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Storing your makeup brushes
Although we often to rely on the brushes that come with our makeup itself, we cannot state the importance of investing in a good set of brushes. Instead of keeping them in a pouch, store them in a tall glass or a round container with their tips facing upwards. Remember to keep these on your dresser where you can see them so that you tend to use them more often than resort to using your finger. One word of advice, clean your brushes with special brush cleansers available at any beauty stores. If you don’t have the time, baby oil and a wet wipe should do just fine as well.

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Revising the liquids
Of all the makeup, the liquids are the most difficult to handle. Mascaras get chunky, eyeliners dry up, nail colours get bubbles in them, the list is endless. So every three to four weeks check in on the liquids. If it isn’t in usable condition, don’t try to fix it (no matter how many hacks you read online). You’re going to be using these products on your skin so it’s best not to experiment.

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Three monthly makeup rehaul
If we give our wardrobe an overhaul every four months, why not our makeup? Your skin and beauty requirements will change according to the season (and the trend calendar) so revisit your makeup collective every once in a while and give it a facelift by keeping everything you’re most likely to use up front and stashing away last season’s leftovers. For example, for the monsoons, get rid of your liquid foundation and eyeliner from your summer must haves and make room for crème eye shadows, pencil liners and glossy lips