Foundation Problems That Are Just Too Real And How To Deal With Them Like A Pro...

Written by Nida SayyedSep 16, 2023
Foundation problems that are just too real and how to deal with them like a pro...

Your foundation is the most basic unit of your makeup and needs to be perfect for your makeup to look perfect. But every now and then, we face foundation issues and foundation blunders with our makeup.

Here are some foundation struggles every makeup user can relate to. Don’t miss the bonus tip for every struggle...


Melting foundation

Eww, makeup stains

Ever had a day when you start with great makeup but it starts melting off the moment you step out of your house? Nothing can be more annoying than spending hours on makeup, only to have it melt because of the humidity. Obviously then, you need a sweatproof foundation and you need to wear it the right way.

Bonus tip: Rub an ice cube on your face before you start makeup. This helps keeps your skin from sweating and helps your foundation stay in place.


Wrong light, wrong shade

Eww, makeup stains

We’ve all had those days where we loved our makeup in the bathroom but walked out with a face so different we couldn’t recognise ourselves. Your bathroom lighting is the supportive friend who lies to make you feel better while the sunlight is your brutally honest friend. Who would you prefer?

Bonus tip: Use a small mirror and apply your foundation in front of a window. Continue doing the rest of your makeup in the bathroom if you like.


Eww, makeup stains

Eww, makeup stains

Everyone knows that feeling when you hug someone and see practically your face on their white shirt. The moment you notice it, you know, you need better makeup and you need to learn to lock in your makeup.

Bonus tip: Always lock your foundation with a setting spray.

Disappearing makeup from your T-zone

People with oily skin know what we’re talking about. The frustration when your foundation on your nose takes a half day without a warning! Now you’re sitting through the day with an oily T-zone, uneven foundation on your nose and rest of the face still done. How awkward is that!

Bonus tip: Set your nose and T-zone with an extra dose of foundation powder.

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