Four Common Makeup Mistakes You Should Avoid

Written by Sanaa JhuraniMar 14, 2019
Be it your invariable heavy-handedness with the blush brush, or the ‘clown face’ that might have resulted from badly applied face powder, there is a generic set of makeup crimes that most of us are guilty of committing. Here are some of the common makeup mistakes you can avoid.
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Over-powdering: This is the cardinal sin that happens to be most commonly committed. Not only do you kill your natural radiance by doing this, but you also end up with a ghost-like demeanour, leaving your skin looking dry, cake-y and unnaturally white.
Solution Always use a moisturiser or a primer before applying compact, it spreads easy and looks less dry.

Wearing your under-eye concealer all wrong: Oddly, this mistake actually ends up drawing unwanted attention to the dark circles you were originally trying to camouflage.
Solution Gently dabs minimal quantities of your concealer, working from the outside to the inner corners, while remembering to make sure that the concealer is well-blended with your natural skin tone.

Applying too much blush: Using a heavy hand with your blush leaves you looking nothing short of a clown. Blush has to be subtle and look natural, so don’t make it look like a patch on your skin.
Solution Choosing the right shade of blush and learning how to blend well with the right brush is paramount.

Applying foundation on dry skin: Irrespective of how creamy your foundation might be, it does not possess the magic power of hiding dry skin. Applying foundation on top of flaky skin will only exaggerate your skin condition adding years to your face and making you seem tired and dimmed out.
Solution Always use a mild moisturiser, a primer or a gel based hydrator on your skin before applying your foundation.

Clumpy mascara: Sometimes we are unable to judge the amount of mascara needed or fail to get rid of our products in time. This leads to unwanted clumps on your eyelashes, making your eyes seem unnatural and messy.
Solution Always own one mascara at a time so that it doesn’t have the chance to dry out. Also, make sure you don’t keep dunking coat upon coat on your eyelashes that make them appear clumped together.

Smudged kohl: Smudged eyeliner or kaajal might look sexy as the morning-after look in a styled photo shoot. However, in reality, this just looks messy and unkempt, making it appear as though you have dark circles.
Solution Always use smudge-free and water-proof kohl that lasts through the day and make sure you invest in a good makeup remover that takes out all the product before you turn in for the night.

Sanaa Jhurani

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Sanaa Jhurani

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