Bold eyebrows have been making quite an appearance on the runways, and with Cara Delevingne as our inspiration, how could we not find out ways to achieve perfect brows? We love the full brow trend and with the party season here, we want to make a beauty statement. If you agree, read our guide.

4 steps to get perfect eyebrows oil 430x550

They too need oil

Massage your eyebrows for a minute with castor oil every night before bedtime. Yes, you can fill in them with a pencil next morning but nothing beats naturally full brows, right? Plus, the oil provides some much-needed moisture and helps maintain their colour.

4 steps to get perfect eyebrows brush them 430x550

Keep them well brushed

Brush them in an upward motion to instantly lift your face every morning. Set them with a clear mascara or hair spray for the day.

get perfect eyebrows 430x550

Fill them in

Brush your eyebrows upwards and fill them in with a shade that is lighter to that of your natural eyebrows to add depth and opacity. If you are using a brush, opt for an angled one with powder for a slightly heavier look and combat by working them over with a spoolie.

steps to get perfect eyebrows 430x550

Don’t over-groom

Don’t thread, tweeze or trim them too often. If you want a naturally thick brow then let it grow for months. Just gently pluck any extra strays and you are good to go.