Four Steps To Making Your Lipstick Last Longer

Written by Nazneen JoshiNov 18, 2016
Give a girl the right shade of lipstick and she can conquer the world. Which is why, nothing is more frustrating (and yes, we are accounting the hormone imbalances, boys and their antics and office politics!) than lipstick that doesn’t pass the test of time. So get ready to give your life a 360° turn-around with the best tips and tricks in the business to make your lippy last.
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Exfoliate your smackers
Alright, listen up now—if you really want your lipstick to last, start by exfoliating. This is the most important thing you can do for your smackers. Exfoliating removes all dead skin from your lips and keeps your lips luxuriously soft—making for the perfect base. If you don’t have a lip exfoliator accessible, simply mix equal parts of sugar and honey and scrub away.

Moisturise and nourish that pout
Step two is the all-important lip balm. Before putting anything else on your lips, apply a thin coat of lip balm to moisturise and nourish dry and cracked lips. Let the balm saturate into your lips for a few seconds and then dab off any excess residue before applying your lipstick.

Lip liner for a lip foundation 
Now, many women think that a lip liner is dispensable, but don’t let that fool you. Use your favourite lip liner (ours is Lakmé Absolute Forever Silk Lip Liner) to trace the outer part of your lips. Once you’ve lined your lips, use the same product to fill in your lips. This will lay the foundation, on top of which you can apply your lipstick. What a lip liner also does is prevents the lipstick from seeping out, and thus fading. Now, we know that a lip liner can’t solve all your problems, but it’s a pretty good start!
Lipstick with a professional finish
It’s finally time to put on your lipstick. If you have the time, we recommend you use a brush to put on your lipstick so it reaches all the nooks and crannies of your lips with professional finish. Here’s the nugget of gold: once you apply your lipstick—blot it with a tissue paper. Repeat this process a couple of times (at least three) to really set the colour in.

Now that you have your makeup tricks down pat, remember that even on your worst day, there’s always lipstick!

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