4 Super Fun Ways To Play Up Your Eyes

Written by Girija NaiksatamNov 11, 2016
We’ve been wearing eyeliner since as long as we can remember, but when all of a sudden we just grew dead bored of a thick black line across our eyelid, we decided we needed to figure out different ways of playing up our eyes. After a bout of experimentation, here are our tried-and-tested go-tos…

4 fun ways to play up your eyes thick eyebrows 430x550

Good ole mascara
If only spent more time applying mascara than we did trying to do up our eyes any other way … alas! When it comes to eye makeup, mascara is the one thing that can make the most difference to the way our eyes look and yet we often leave our house with it. Just a bit of mascara can make your lashes look thicker, darker and longer so if you’re looking for a quick fix to make a big impression we say load up on the mascara. It’ll define your lashes, make your eyes seem bigger and also add a glint to your eyes.

4 fun ways to play up your eyes thick eyebrows 430x550

The superb Eyeconic White Liner
The white liner took a backseat towards the end of summer, but we’re getting the inkling that it’s got to make a comeback to add some drama and fun to the current gloomy atmosphere. If you dare to wear it during the day, line your lower waterline with it or use it only in the inner corners of your eyes to define your peepers. For a Saturday night on the town, we’re suggesting you go all out and wear the Lakmé Eyeconic White Liner in a cat eye and even smudge some of it over your eyelid if you’re willing to be a tad bit  OTT.

4 fun ways to play up your eyes thick eyebrows 430x550

The quintessential Shadow Crayon
We’ve made it pretty obvious that we’re majorly crushing on the Lakmé Drama Stylist Eyeshadow Crayon this season. The entire range comes in eight amazing colours that are suitable for work (the grey and blue) as well for the evening when you’re heading out (turquoise and olive). Plus, they can do double duty as liners as well as crayons depending on how thick you want to wear them. Since they dry real quick (quicker than even regular liner) and are smudge-free, we’re making room for them for this season and beyond in out kits.

4 fun ways to play up your eyes thick eyebrows 430x550

Thick, bold brows
If Cara Delevingne can do it, so can you.  If you’re willing to put in some hard work into playing up your eyes, we’d suggest putting a stop to the plucking and threading and letting your brows grow out. Six to eight weeks later, leave the body of your eyebrows thick and just thread the extra growth. Every day, just the way you comb your hair, groom your brows in a single direction and fill them in with an eyebrow pencil to darken them and add some serious definition. It might seem like a bit of an experiment at first (and yes, people will notice something’s going on) but once you get used to looking at yourself in the mirror, you’ll realise how much of a different a change in your thick arches can make to your overall look.

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