How much time we spend in front of the mirror has often been a rather sensitive topic. But functionally speaking, how much time do we really need to look presentable for work? We created the 5, 10 and 15 minute makeup guide to help you adopt your makeup routine to the clock. Read on…

5 mintute makeup guide 430x550

Assuming that you’ve already prepped your face with moisturiser (ideally, you should apply it immediately after your shower and before you even leave the bathroom to help your skin absorb it to the fullest), just dab on some matte powder to hide the extra shine. Apply kajal or kohl on your lower waterline (if you’re looking to create impact, you can use the same pencil as eyeliner too). Be liberal with your lip balm to create a naturally rich and glossy look and finish it off by applying blush on the apples of your cheeks.
Accessorise with statement earrings to glam up your look.

10 mintute makeup guide 430x550

Create a base for your skin with a skin mousse in a tone that’s closest to your actual skin tone. (A word of advice; many women make the mistake of choosing a foundation two shades lighter than their actual skin tone in an attempt to look fairer than they actually are.)
Hold it in place with a compact that’ll blend into your skin.
Since you’ve got the time you can play up your eyes by wearing both, eyeliner as well as kajal. Add some extra drama by applying mascara to add volume and length to your lashes. Use hairspray to give your tresses some extra shine.
To finish off your look, add some colour to your cheeks and wear a muted matte lip.

15 mintute makeup guide 430x550

Once you’ve followed up your moisturiser with sunscreen (SPF 30+ is most suited for our Indian climate) and a light skin mousse apply the concealer stick to cover up your dark circles. Remember that using it in lines from the insides of your eye outwards to form a triangle that covers your dark circles works much better instead of dotting it on your skin. Blend it well and apply a CC cream for max coverage and to even out your skin tone.
Next, shift your focus to your eyes by lining them with kajal and liner. If you’re feeling a tad adventurous, you can even wear a coloured liner or use a crayon to make your eyes look more pronounced. Of course, don’t forget to curl your lashes and layer on the mascara.
Finish off your look with just the right colour of blush on the apples of your cheeks, or if you’ve mastered the art of contouring well, you can even highlight your cheekbones. Wear a muted lip (or a bold one if it’s Friday), dab on some gloss and you’re good to go!