Who says hot oil treatments are only restricted to hair? Your nails need some luxurious pampering too! So ladies, if you’ve never tried giving your nails a soothing hot oil treatment, now is the time to give it a shot.

What is a hot oil manicure, you ask? Well, the benefits of this relaxing treatment are more than you can imagine. From treating brittle nails to nourishing your cuticles, a hot oil manicure can be your one-stop solution to all things nail care. The good news is that you can treat and pamper your nails all by yourself at home. Wondering how? Read on...


How to go about the hot oil manicure treatment

How to go about the hot oil manicure treatment

As the name suggests, this treatment involves a combination of few essential oils. To begin with, you will need a mixture of castor oil and sunflower oil, olive oil, Vitamin E oil, tea tree oil and almond oil.

Step 1:

Mix all the above mentioned oils and let the mixture heat in a microwave for about 30 seconds. Make sure you don’t over-heat.

Step 2:

Next, gently dip your nails in the mixture till it has completely cooled off.

Step 3:

Re-heat the mixture for 10 seconds and dip your nails once more.

Step 4:

Then gently massage your hands and wrist in the end.

Step 5:

Once you’re done, wash your hands with water and wipe with a clean towel.


Benefits of hot oil manicure

Benefits of hot oil manicure

Cleanse and strengthen: Pampering your nails with hot oil treatment regularly will cleanse your nails and improve the texture of your cuticles.

Get rid of hangnails: Hangnails can be quite annoying. The good news is that hot oil manicure will help you get rid of them immediately.

Stronger nails: Hot oil manicure done on a regular basis will not only make your nails stronger and less prone to breakage but also, grow faster.

Improves health of the skin: When you massage your hands and wrist with the oil mixture, you will notice improvement in the health of your skin. That’s not all! This technique will also help improve blood circulation. 

Treats damaged cuticles: Damaged cuticles can bring your manicure game down. Regular hot oil manicure treatments will help you treat damaged cuticles.

Make this treatment a part of skin care ritual and treat your nails to hot oil at least twice a week for effective results.