When we were little girls we were very keen to learn how to put on makeup, but in quite a fix about how to take it off. Of course, we began with just washing or scrubbing our face clean but when the waterproof eyeliner really proved to be worth its mettle, we resorted to professional makeup removers. But if you, like us have a habit of running out of makeup remover ever so often (we never really act on that mental note of stocking it beforehand), here’s what you can use …

household makeup removers you didnt know about petroleum jelly 430x550

Petroleum Jelly
An accidental discovery, our grandmother’s favourite go-to remedy for the winters (and even otherwise) serves as an excellent makeup remover. When you’re back home after a long night, just dab on some Petroleum Jelly on your lips and cheeks (not recommended for the eyes since some believe it blocks the tear ducts), let it stay for a few minutes and then swipe a wet wipe over it. An added advantage is that it’s suited for all skin types and won’t make your skin burn.

household makeup removers you didnt know about almond oil 430x550

This is one of those things that was right in front of our eyes and yet, we took so long to realise it. Why didn’t we think of hair and skin oil as a makeup remover? Our personal preference is almond and jojoba oil (and baby oil too) since it helps to get rid of the makeup in just one go (you’ll need a new wet wipe for every swipe) as well as nourish the skin without causing redness or an itchy sensation. Just make sure you lather moisturiser on your skin afterward to get rid of the smell.

household makeup removers you didnt know about moisturiser 430x550

Since we usually use moisturisers as part of our post-shower or post-wash beauty routine, it’s hard to think of them as having any use before. Turns out, they’re excellent at getting rid of makeup. Dab some moisturiser on a cotton ball and wipe your face clean. Although it might not be as effective as almond or baby oil in getting rid of the makeup in one go, it’ll definitely do the job. Do remember to wash your face with lukewarm water once you’re done.

household makeup removers you didnt know about maksing tape 430x550

Masking tape
A bit too radical for our liking but masking tape is supposedly a makeup remover. Lady Gaga swears by it when she can’t get rid of the super-glue like glitter on her face post a show. Similar to a waxing strip, you’re supposed to stick it on gently and rip it off in one go. Rather painful, we think, but we’re very curious to try it on the next time we’re dealing with stubborn body glitter.