Eyes are our favourite feature to play with and there’s so much you can do to elevate your makeup game. Coloured eyeshadows and liners, graphic art, minimalist glamour, there are so many variations out there, and yet some people hide behind the classic black eyeliner.

Take a look around, there are so many eyeliner shades available out there and each one can help achieve a different effect. So, are you going to stay stuck in the boring rut of that black eyeliner or are you ready to explore?

how different eyeliner shades work for your eye colour

Grey eyeliner

If you want to venture into the world of coloured eyeliners, but are not quite there yet, a safe shade to start with is grey eyeliner. A softer alternative to the traditional black, it will make your eyes pop especially if you smudge it out a little. Trust the Lakmé Kareena Kapoor Khan Absolute Eye Definer – Slate to give your eyes a softer and brighter effect with just two strokes.

how different eyeliner shades work for your eye colour

Brown eyeliner

Another stunning yet less-talked about eyeliner colour is brown. It is so versatile and stunning, simply applying it to your eyelids can completely change your look. Brown eyeliner acts as a contour for your eyelids and adds more depth. It is one of the easiest ways to achieve a subtle smokey eye look. Simply apply the Lakmé Absolute Kohl Ultimate Kajal - Ash Brown on your upper and lower lids and use the smudge applicator to slightly soften the outer corner of your eyes.

how different eyeliner shades work for your eye colour

Blue eyeliner

Want to take your regular eye makeup several notches higher? Simply apply a few strokes of blue eyeliner on your eyelids. While this colour does not add any special effect or depth to your eyes, it looks trendy AF! You have to give the Lakmé Insta Eye Liner – Blue a try, it is a highly pigmented formula and super easy to work with!

how different eyeliner shades work for your eye colour

Green eyeliner

Talking about eye makeup products, green is a very interesting colour. It is not too bright like yellow or pink nor too dark as traditional black. It is just dark enough to accentuate you’re your lash line and give the illusion of bigger eyes. The subtle yet stunning colour also makes your eyes pop, so if you subtly want to grab attention without going OTT try the Lakmé Absolute Shine Line Eye Liner - Sparkling Olive.

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