If you prod us just a little bit, we’ll admit that we use some of our makeup in more ways than one. It might not be something we say out loud, but when it comes to makeup hacks, if it works, hey, why not try it again and again and again, huh? We asked a few ladies to let us in on the different ways in which they play with their makeup.

how to play with makeup lipstick 430x550

Meenakshi Vohra, 25
I love beauty hacks! I use my lipstick as a blush so many times. I just dot it across the apples of my cheeks very gently and then spread it using a cotton ball. Over the last few years since I’ve been doing it, only a handful of people have been able to tell the difference.

how to play with makeup apply talcum powder 430x550

Tarana Dala, 28
Sealing my lipstick with some talcum powder – that’s how I play with my makeup. I actually learned this trick from an aunt many years ago when I was a little girl and watched as she put on her makeup. I assure you, your lipstick will last much longer.

how to play with makeup lip balm 430x550

Nainika Shenoy, 27
The media industry lives on last minute plans. So on days when I’ve forgotten to carry my little makeup pouch I just dab on some lip balm onto my eyelids and it doubles up as an eyeshadow. It looks kind of glossy and also, stays put through the night!

how to play with makeup eyeshadows 430x550

Nayantara Panicker, 28
I hate to admit it but I’ve often used my bronze and dull gold eyeshadows as shimmer highlighters. They work superbly well and do the job, provided you know how to contour your face. Else, it’ll just look like all the excess eyeshadow fell under your eyes.

how to play with makeup vaseline for eyelashes 430x550

Sanchita Mehra, 29
I’m 29 old but I’m still really scared of getting things near my eyes. I somehow managed to get over my fear of applying kohl but I just can’t imagine bringing an eyelash curler or even an eyelash brush near my eyes (contact lenses only make it worse.) So very often I just gently dab some Vaseline on my eyelashes to make them look longer and thicker.

how to play with makeup scotch tape 430x550

Sohini Dutta, 28
So I don’t advise that everyone use this little trick because it might not work on everyone’s skin. But every once in a while when no amount of moisturiser, Vaseline or baby oil can get rid of some extra shimmer left on my face, I use scotch tape to get rid of it. Tried and tested, for sure!