Achieve The Perfect Baking Technique: Here’s How  

Written by Anushka ShahSep 27, 2022
Achieve the Perfect Baking Technique: Here’s How  

Get on with the hot and happening, and indulge in Instagram’s most beloved beauty trend ATM - we’re talking about the baking makeup trend. 

As the hot and humid days encircle us, it is integral for us divas to give our makeup looks that extra touch of newness - after all it’s not only the trends that change but also our moods, looks and the weather - which is why, you should ensure your glam looks align with these variables. To introduce you to a makeup situation that will be your bestie in all situations - not only for your full fab party nights but also on your daytime drinks event, we’re bringing to the fore, our love for baking; baking makeup trend.  

And if you’re thinking cookies and chocolates, you’ve got it all wrong! We’re referring to something just as sweet and serving but in the beauty domain. This  type of baking has been adopted by the iconic personalities across the globe, from the Kardashians, Jenners to YouTuber’s beloved, James Charles, no sensational spirit overlooks the power of baking. And we’re here to tell you all about baking makeup.  

What is the Makeup Baking Technique?  

To dive right in, baking is that makeup method that gives you poreless and flawless skin, allowing all your products to last longer - away from the threat of sweat and potential water spills. The use of a translucent powder is an unmatched gift from the one and only drag fam that in today’s day and age, helps us all get that flawless makeup in absolutely no time. Also, it rests on your face, concealing creases and giving smooth, error-free skin. Be it baking under eyes or sculpting your cheeks, this magical step will give you budge-proof and seamless makeup of your dreams. So, don’t tap and scroll away, stay put (just like your baking powder would and unveil how to bake your makeup. 

Is it Necessary to Bake Your Makeup?   

Ladies, this subject is subjective. Baking is subjective and always depends on whether you really need long lasting makeup. I mean, if it’s a quick zoom call where you need to do some impressing, baking powder is not really called for. Also, if you’re a minimal makeup girl, who is just satisfied with a few dabs of concealer, baking powder shouldn’t really be a part of your shopping basket. But, if you want your makeup to be crease-proof and waterproof all day; those long office schedules and day-long treks, then make the baking makeup trend your MVP.  

Step-by-step Guide to Achieving the Perfect Baking Technique  

All great things are a process and here’s the one that’s the hottest RN!  

Step 1: Get Your Eye Cream Ready!  

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Where there is loads of powder puffing, we will also focus on how to get your skin ready for all those particles; the nourishing and prepping. To begin with, fall back on a Vitamin C infused moisturiser that does the hydration drama effectively. In this case, we’re talking about the best softness solution in town, Lakme 9 to 5 Vitamin C+ Day Cream. Once you’ve laid this supple carpet on your skin, use the Lakme Absolute Pore Fix Toner to prepare and tone your skin to perfection. This product ensures there is  no-clog (who wants that) and ofcourse, that extra shine. And taa-daa, you’re done with the first step of how to bake your makeup.  

Step 2: Apply Your Concealer, Generously 

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Come on, don’t be stingy. If you want to achieve that crystal clear, no dark circles look, be generous with your pumps or concealer. At the end of it, no one one enjoys a patchy face of makeup. And while you may think the patches are barely evident, try taking a picture with flash and your clumsiness won’t only be for you to see. So, opt for a full coverage concealer and spread it out evenly under your eyes. A great concealer when used skillfully, will undoubtedly cover those blemishes and under-eye bags. And goes without saying, a nicely dabbed concealer routine, will promise brightener eyes (I speak from experience) and an even skin tone; the perfect playground for the upcoming baking brushes. So, there you are, done with the most integral step of the baking makeup trend.  

Step 3: Get Your Translucent Powder Game On 

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This is where the magic lies, girls, so read with utmost concern. To initiate the process of baking, get your hands on your setting powder or a banana powder and bake where everywhere your skin folds or tends to secrete grease. We’re talking about the under-eye wrinkles, forehead, the corners of your nose and chin. Basically, apply it everywhere where you have applied concealer and all those areas that are prone to oiliness. Using the Lakme 9 to 5 Naturale Finishing Powder, an unparalleled freshness solution, will keep you fresh and fab all day long, even when the sun hits. So, take your fluffy brush or dip the sponge in the powder and get tapping. Once done, leave it on for 5-10 minutes, and allow it to ‘bake’ - yes, that is the e-word you’ve been waiting for. Once done, the powder will skin into the skin, absorbing all the moisture and giving your matte look; yes, the agenda of the baking makeup trend.  

So now, even when the nasty white light hits your face, you don’t have to be scared of that glistening forehead of chin look.  

Step 4: Dust It Off 

baking makeup woman

Once the powder has made way and space on your face, brush off the excess with a fluffy brush. Once done, you may feel like you may need more powder (and if that’s the case, more power to you!) Stand under daylight, take a quick flash selfie or consult an honest pal. And if it’s all green light, go ahead and simply set your face with a setting mist - we’re not talking about just another mist but the mist you can’t ever miss, the Lakme 9 to 5 Vitamin C + Facial Mist .If not, apply your powder again on the carpet of the mist. And there you are, girl, all set and matte, and in the baking makeup trend.  

FAQs about Achieving the Perfect Baking Technique  

Q1 Can I use a foundation and concealer, both before baking? 

One of the best tricks for baking makeup like a pro, fall back on liquid foundation. And considering we’re already aiming for all things matte and magical, get your hands on a dewy foundation. This will avoid that cakey looking makeup and give you that full coverage look and glowing finish.  

Q2 Should I blend my concealer and foundation with a makeup sponge or with my fingers? 

Whatever suits you! However, if you’re not the most confident, fall back on a makeup sponge and get going with the right technique, which is dab dab and dab.  

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