The only beauty product you need to achieve a selfie-ready glow

Written by Pratishtha RanaDec 06, 2021

We are not exaggerating when we say that multitasking beauty products deserve the top spot in every girl’s beauty arsenal. Whether you have just mere minutes to doll up because you’re running late or want a selfie-ready glow for that ‘no-filter’ Insta snap – an all-rounder product is a must-have! And we have just the pick for you. If you haven’t guessed yet, we’re talking about the new superhero product, the Vaseline Lip Therapy Tin - Rosy Lips.

This pink-tinted petroleum jelly is the one (and only) beauty magic wand you need to get an instant glow for festivals, impromptu video calls, or just work. And trust us when we say the product is not just for your lips! You can use it on the cheeks, eyes, and... well, keep reading to discover how the Vaseline Lip Therapy Tins can elevate your look in no time.

Say yes to glossy lips!

If you’ve had enough of matte lipsticks, then it’s time to move on to the evergreen trend of glossy lips. That eye-catching shine and moisturising texture on lips is achievable in literally five seconds with the Vaseline Lip Therapy Tin - Rosy Lips. Thanks to its light pink tint, you won’t need an added swipe of lipstick. And the best thing? It’s packed in a classy tin, which you can throw into your handbag or even a tiny clutch and carry on the go. Just scoop out enough jelly on your finger and apply it to your lips, focusing more on the pout area for an emphasised glossy look.

Insta-ready blush

You thought the pink tint could only accentuate your lips? Well, don’t hold yourself back. Use the Vaseline Lip Therapy Tin - Rosy Lips on your cheeks as well. We are big fans of its non-sticky and super-soft texture that blends easily into the skin and gives those cheeks a naturally flushed look. With your ring finger, gently dab and blend the pink-hued jelly on your cheeks in short upward strokes, and witness an instant radiance.

Pink-tinted eyes

From social media influencers to our favourite celebrities--every beauty buff on Instagram has lately been obsessed with dewy eye makeup. And with the Vaseline Lip Therapy Tin - Rosy Lips, it’s super easy to get glossy lids with a lovely touch of pink. Scoop out some petroleum jelly with a finger and dab it on your lids directly. Its lasting glossy texture clubbed with the soft pink tint will make your eyes twinkle and look selfie-ready from day through night. Go try it!

04. Shine on, high points!

Sometimes the magic lies in subtly accentuating the key features of your face, and for that, too, we recommend the Vaseline Lip Therapy Tin - Rosy Lips. While it is a powerhouse of moisturising qualities, its ultra-shiny effect makes it a secret tool to highlight the facial high points like a pro! Plus, the muted pink tint lends a contoured and lifted look to the cheekbones, brow bone, temples and the tip of your nose and chin.

So, forget Insta filters; this one multitasking beauty powerhouse is all you need for a natural skin glow. Take our word for it; people won’t stop complimenting you!