Want rosy cheeks that add a hint of color to your everyday look? The way to get that is by applying your blush the right way for a natural seeming tint. You might wonder how with the blush application, so many girls go wrong due to the quantity of colour used or shade selected. Worry not as we will take you through a simple and quick guide on how to apply blush and that should leave you a master in this craft.

A hint of blush can instantly elevate your beauty look and for this, we first recommend picking a colour that suits your skin tone. One of the best blushes available in the market is the Lakmé Absolute Face Stylist Blush Duo, which comes in multiple colours. We are partial to the pinks and corals. This cheek blush has a luminous and silky formula that will lend a natural seeming colour to your skin.  So go ahead and add the blush to your makeup box and follow these steps to ace the application of what is probably the easiest makeup product to use.

Here's how to get this look:
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Step 1

Make sure you have a rounded fluffy brush for application.

Step 2

Load your brush with the blush and remember to dust off excess before application.

Step 3

Flash that stunning smile and apply the blush on the apple of your cheeks while giving it an upward stroke along the length of your cheekbones. An insider tip includes sucking in your cheeks as you apply the blush to retain the focus on your cheekbones.

Once you’re done with this three-step process, you can call yourself a pro at blush application. Pair with everyday wear and a hint of gloss for a subtle day-time friendly look or add on when stepping out for a night time occasion, picking a shade that best suits your outfit.