Our makeup stash easily features high up on the list of our most valuable items. Each one of us has relied on our makeup to hide the lack of sleep, create the illusion of health and radiance, or to plain and simple look good. However, there are days when things do not go in your favor and makeup mishaps begin to roll out.
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The demarcation line
A demarcation line, separating the colour of your face from the colour of your neck by creating a visible boundary line around your jaw is usually the result of not blending your foundation well enough. Something as simple as using a dampened sponge to blend away the edges of your foundation can prevent this mishap from occurring.

Cherry tomato cheeks
The result of far too much blush. Sometimes we fail to understand that the manner and quantity of blush applied during the day is significantly different from blush applied at night. Before stepping out, check your reflection in natural light or white light to ascertain if your makeup is in check. If you happen to notice too much blush, use a clean makeup brush or cotton ball to brush away the excess.

Clumped eyelashes
To avoid clumpy mascara from gluing your eyelashes together, try combing your eyelashes before and after the application. In addition to this, toll your mascara brush over a napkin or paper towel before applying the product to remove any excess product deposits.

Lipstick bleed
When your lipstick shade steadily migrates from your lips to the area surrounding your mouth, chances are you look more like a child playing dress-up than an adult preparing for a night out. To prevent a lipstick bleed from occurring, dabble some translucent loose powder or compact on your lips before applying your lipstick. Also, make sure you apply a lip liner around your lips to essentially create a bleed barrier.

We have all experienced the mortifying embarrassment of mismatched, misapplied, or misbehaving cosmetics. It’s time to become far more vigilant and implement these simple tricks to circumvent the occurrence of makeup disasters.