Ageing is an inevitable process, yet some people start to age faster than the others. Have you ever wondered why? Other than environmental factors, our lifestyle, food choices and skincare routine also play a vital role in how our skin looks and feels. Therefore, it is vital to start following certain skincare rules much before signs of ageing start to appear.

We would suggest you start following these skincare rules from your mid 20s and if you’ve crossed that, then ASAP! Read on to find out what these rules are.

how to avoid premature ageing

Stop touching your face

Don’t touch your face unnecessarily. Keeping your hands away from your face will not only prevent acne, but also premature ageing. Avoid rubbing your eyes as this area is very delicate and can easily fall prey to fine lines and wrinkles. Even while cleansing or applying cream be gentle in your motions so as to not damage your skin.

how to avoid premature ageing

Reduce sun exposure

The cellular structure of your skin can easily get destroyed when it is constantly exposed to the UV rays of the sun. So, avoid sitting in the sun for long hours even when you wear sunscreen. The number one cause of age spots is sun exposure, so if you’re at the beach, wear an oversized hat to protect your skin.

how to avoid premature ageing

Consume more antioxidants

Antioxidants play a vital role in fighting skin-damaging free radicals as well as preventing the signs of ageing. The most natural and easy way to get the required amount of antioxidants is through food. Antioxidant-rich foods include berries, dark chocolate, apples, pecans, carrots, red grapes and plums. Drink enough water and get seven to eight hours of sleep every night to keep your skin healthy.

how to avoid premature ageing

Start applying an anti-ageing cream

Given the environmental conditions, the sooner you incorporate an anti-ageing cream into your skincare routine, the better. Invest in a night cream to get the best results. While your skin is at rest, the ingredients work more effectively and give the desired results. Do not forget to moisturise your neck, hands and shoulders as these show the first signs of ageing.

how to avoid premature ageing

Reduce drinking and smoking

Late night parties and alcohol have become a part of your social life and it is difficult to stay away from them. But in the long run, they can cause damage to your skin. So, avoid consuming alcohol and smoking cigarettes as much as you can. Your body and skin will thank you!