If you’re a girl who loves flaunting a no-makeup makeup look or one with that natural, dewy finish, then you’re in for a treat! While we all believe in blending till we make it, you’ll be surprised to know that strategic blending is what shows noticeable results. 

Don’t want fine lines to show through your foundation? Blend. Want to avoid looking like a clown with OTT blush? Blend. Dreaming of a perfectly sculpted face? Blend.

Here’s how to blend each of your makeup products to achieve a natural finish.

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The first step of your base makeup begins with skin prep. Never ever forget your moisturiser and primer before you reach for the foundation. Once you’ve built a canvas for your base makeup, grab the foundation of your choice and keep a damp sponge ready. After you’ve dabbed the product all over your face and neck, blend starting in the centre of the face and work your way out. Use stippling motions instead of brushing the foundation across your face. Doing so helps eliminate any lines along the forehead and jaw. Lastly, don’t forget to blend the foundation into the neck to achieve a more realistic coverage.

makeup blending guide pro


Blending your blush can be the trickiest! You want that rosy glow, but don’t want to look like a clown either. So, how do you ace it, you ask? Start by flashing your broadest smile for the apples of your cheeks to pop. Now, take a medium-sized brush with powder blush and sweep it from the apple of your cheek, up along your cheekbone in swirling motions, so that you don’t end up having harsh lines. If you want your brush to pick just the right amount of product to register on the skin, then we suggest you skip the big powder brushes and settle for a medium size.

makeup blending guide pro


Here’s another tricky product that needs to be blended smartly so as to avoid making you look like a shining disco ball. With bronzer, never ever brush the product in a straight line. If you want to achieve a soft glow that looks sun-kissed and natural. For a sculpted look, go over with the product in soft, sweeping motions. This blending trick will sculpt angles on the face such as under the cheekbones and along the jawline, effortlessly.

makeup blending guide pro


Blending eyeshadow is a different ball game altogether. Instead of using the same brush with which you apply eyeshadow, it is actually ideal to use a separate clean brush to blend your shadow. By using the same brush, you’re not blending; in fact, you’re applying more eyeshadow because there is still product on the brush. And when you work with more than two colours on your lids, you’re simply spreading the colours shabbily around the entire eye area. Therefore, grab a clean brush and blend by sweeping it back and forth in a large windshield wiper motions, followed by small circular motions.