The year 2020 gave us many beauty lessons — it got us closer to our natural self and tremendously upped our skincare game. It was also the year when most of our makeup collection did not see the light of day, thanks to the lockdown. The new year has already got us discarding expired products and wondering what to replace them with. In our opinion, a good way to approach makeup in 2021 would be to go minimal, reduce waste and save up during such uncertain times. If you agree with that notion, here are a few ways to go about building yourself a minimalist makeup collection.


01. Start with the essentials

Start with the essentials

Any makeup collection, minimal or otherwise, has to have these essentials:

  • A primer to give your makeup a long-lasting base.
  • A foundation that perfectly matches your complexion, with sheer to medium coverage.
  • A concealer for covering the dark circles, imperfections and light contouring.
  • A colour palette for your eyes and cheeks.
  • A long-lasting lipstick.
  • An easy-to-control liner and mascara.

Start by grabbing these essentials first and make sure you pick products that are fail-proof and can be easily applied — even if you are putting on makeup in a cab!


02. Move on to the classics

Move on to the classics

Once you have the essentials taken care of, move to the classics. A classic makeup product can be anything from a bold red lippie or something unique to your style. A kohl pencil, pink powder blush, tinted brow gels, and other statement-making products will make your makeup collection dynamic.

BB picks: Lakmé Absolute 3D Lipstick - Romeo Red


03. Now grab the tools

Now grab the tools

Fun fact: Your makeup is as good as the tools you use! Quite often, you end up hoarding makeup brushes to make your life a bit easier. But learning how to actually use them will allow you to create many looks from just a couple of staple products. Brushes, eyelash curlers, eyebrow spoolies and sponges — pick the right tools to suit your makeup needs.


04. Look for multi-taskers

Look for multi-taskers

A tip that you can club with shopping for classics. Multi-tasking makeup products save you a lot of time, space, energy and money. A multi-pigmented highlighter can be used to add shimmer to any part of your face. Or a lip tint can be used as a blush, and a cream blush as a lippie… you just have to get creative!

BB picks: Lakmé Absolute Illuminating Shimmer Brick


05. Add a little extra for fun!

Add a little extra for fun

Even though we are talking about minimal makeup, it can still be fun to break some rules! Apart from staples, classics and multi-tasers, your minimal collection has to have few items that can switch up your look with minimum effort. Coloured eyeliners, coloured mascaras, clear gloss, neon palettes or even a little container of makeup glitter can be included in your collection to keep things fun.

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