Buying makeup online is one tricky task, isn’t it? Searching for a lipstick you know you want or an eye makeup that you’ve been using for a while, still seems doable but what if you were to buy a foundation online?

How are you to decide if the shade and texture are right for you? How are you going to pick the foundation that feels just right on your skin? Sounds difficult, eh? Well, read on as we try to curate an ultimate guide on how to find the best foundation for yourself online...

How to buy foundation online

#1 Understand your skin type before you pick your foundation texture

Knowing your skin type plays a crucial role in deciding which foundation will work for you. If you have dry skin, refrain from choosing a matte foundation and go for a water based or a serum foundation instead. And if you have oily skin, you can opt for a matte foundation. 

#2 Decide what kind of coverage you want

Foundations are basically divided into three categories based on the type of coverage, namely—full, medium, sheer. Decide the type of coverage you want and pick a BB, CC cream or a foundation accordingly. This can depend on your skin concerns, need of the hour, lifestyle and environment even!

#3 Set your budget

Always, always set a budget before starting your search for a foundation. The market is overwhelmingly filled with foundation options in every range. There are amazing foundations available at the makeup aisle and the options are many. It’s for you to decide which category suits your skin and suits your pocket as well.

#4 Read the reviews and lookout for swatches

Reviews and swatches are one of the best ways to find out about a product. Whenever you’re buying something, take time to read the reviews it has received. You’ll get to know a lot about the product, the pros and cons, what other buyers received and a lot more. Not just this, look out for swatches of the foundations to understand the texture and how it works for those with the same skin type as yourself.