Do you ever wish that there was a match-making site just to hook you up with the right foundation? If you believe that finding a foundation match is difficult, we feel your pain. And to ease it, we have here some fool-proof tips to check whether the foundation you have spent half your salary on, is worth it.

First things first, you cannot buy foundation online, if have not already tried it before and know your exact shade. Shade swatches online can be mis-leading, so we suggest you go to the store and try on a few shades to see which ones bring out your complexion the best.  Once you are at the store, remember, you can’t just pick one up which you think is close to your complexion and walk out. After you apply foundation, it mixes with the oils on your skin and oxidises when exposed to air. So test out the foundation and let it sit for a while before you invest in it.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you are at buying your foundation.


Tip #1: Beware of indoor store lighting

Always check your foundation in natural light. It is much easier to find out if the foundation looks ashy or dull on you.

Tip #2: Test it on your jaw-line

Always test the foundation on your jaw-line. This is where your skin undertones are best seen, and you will immedietaly be able to tell if the foundation complements your skin tone.


Tip #3: Understanding undertones

Understand what your undertones are. Usually you fall into warm, neutral and cool undertones and if you would like to know more about undertones, read this.

Tip #4: Match it to your skin type

For oily skin, choose oil-free, lightweight and matte-finish foundations. For dry skin types, choose richer and hydrating formulas and for sensitive skin, avoid heavier formulas and and go for hypo-allergenic ones.


Tip #5: Finish is important

There are a lot of finishes out there, so make sure you know what sort of look you are going for, and choose accordingly. There is matte, semi-matte, dewy or illuminating and sheer finishes to choose from.

Image courtesy: Pinterest and GIPHY