You are finally going on that date with the guy you always had a crush on and you wake up feeling great about it, only to have your bubble burst by 3 new visitors on your chin. 3 pimples have made themselves completely at home and are unapologetic about ruining your look for your date. What do you do? Makeup artist Simmy Goraya takes you through a quick tutorial on clever ways to hide those zits with makeup. Watch the video to know more!

Makeup artist Simmy Goraya

Step 01: Choose the right face wash

If you have acne prone skin, the first thing to do in the morning is to start off with the right face wash. Make sure the face wash you choose has pimple clearing ingredients.

Step 02: Prep your skin with moisturiser

Make sure you never skip moisturiser, even if you have acne prone skin. Again, make sure the ingredients that are present in the moisturiser do not irritate your acne.

Step 03: Use a primer

This step is necessary to ensure that your new makeup glides smoothly on your skin. Use a light primer that creates an even base without being heavy on your skin.

Makeup artist Simmy Goraya

Step 04: Cover up with a concealer

If you have stubborn scars on your skin, it is important to use a concealer as it helps to cover up all the spots, marks and your under-eye area.

Step 05: Apply CC cream

A CC cream colour corrects and evens out your skin tone, while covering and red patches and dark spots.

Step 06: Finish with a compact

Dab all over with a setting powder, to set the base you have created. This will provide you with a matte finish and will not allow dust to adhere to the cream base you have applied. You could also carry it in your bag and use it when you find your skin is looking oily.