The summer season not only wreaks havoc on your skin, but it can also ruin your makeup. High temperatures, constant sweating and excessive oil production make it difficult for makeup to stay put for longer hours without budging or melting. While smudge-proofing your base makeup is relatively straightforward, the eyeshadow base needs extra attention if you want your eye makeup to last longer. It is essential to prep your eyelids properly to avoid crease lines, smudges and prevent your makeup from melting. Here are some basics that will teach you how to create a smudge-proof eyeshadow base.


01. Clean the lids

Clean the lids

Excess sebum production is your makeup’s worst enemy in the summer, and any kind of greasiness on your eyelids can turn your lovely eyeshadow into a complete mess. Since you will be doing your skincare routine before applying makeup, it is important to clean your lids to get rid of any creams, lotions or oils sitting on them. Saturate a cotton pad in micellar water and gently sweep your lids to mattify it instantly.

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02. Apply a primer

Apply a primer

When applying makeup primer, do not go all over your eyelids with the same brush you used on your face or your hands. Instead, use a tapered eyeshadow brush and apply a silicone-based primer on your lids to fill in the creases and smoothen out the eyelids. A primer will also keep excess oil in check throughout the day and help your eyeshadow last longer.

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03. Layer on a concealer

Layer on a concealer

Most people usually skip applying concealer on the lids, but here’s why you shouldn’t. Concealer covers discolouration on your lids (if any) and gives your eyeshadow a smooth base to glide over. Applying concealer also allows your eyeshadow pigments to show up better on the lids. Make sure to use a blending brush to smoothen out the concealer application. A patchy application will ruin the final look of your eyeshadow.

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04. Set the base with loose powder

Set the base with loose powder

Before you go in with your eyeshadow application, you need to set the concealer with a translucent loose powder. The powder also further mattifies the base. Use a fluffy eyeshadow brush or a small kabuki brush to dust the powder on.

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