Here’s How To Create The Flawless Cloud Skin Makeup Look

Written by Lopa KAug 14, 2023
Here’s How to Create the Flawless Cloud Skin Makeup Look

The latest makeup trends have all been about going to the past and the cloud skin look, popularised on TikTok is no different. Perfect for us oily skin girls, cloud skin mattifies all of our insecurities. So, if you have ever worried about the dewy makeup just making you look oily or sweaty, this is one of the best trending makeup looks for you. 

How to Create the Flawless Cloud Skin Makeup Look: The Basics   

While all these names may scare you into thinking makeup trends are unattainable that is not the case. Cloud skin basically combines the matte finish and glossy makeup trend to give you a natural look while blurring your skin’s texture and features. It focuses more on soft and powdery texture just like that of clouds making you Instagram-filter-ready IRL. To get this look all you need is the the glow of your usual dewy look and then mattify the rest of your face. This means no dark or dramatic lines, or any extra dewy, glowy high points. And we are going to break this look down in detail so you can nail it. 

Tips on How to Create the Flawless Cloud Skin Makeup Look   



How to Create the Flawless Cloud Skin Makeup Look

Honestly, one of the easiest beauty trends makeup to follow, all you need is one glowing product while keeping the rest of it matte. So, what better way to prep than use a glowing primer like the Lakmé Absolute Glow Primer? This lightweight primer has a sheer formula that is easy to blend, leaving you with a seamless finish. As for the glowing part, it is enriched with shiny pearls that not only blur any blemishes but also give you a subtle glow that shines through your base. Give life to your dull skin even before you start with the makeup as it instantly hydrates your face and helps your makeup stay all day long.



How to Create the Flawless Cloud Skin Makeup Look

Now the fun part begins as we take our first makeup product for the base. Cloud skin is all about a clear, sheer look. Now, this means no heavy, cakey or layered makeup. But if you have a lot of blemishes, acne or textured skin, the Lakmé Absolute Creme Concealer can come to your aid. Dotting it on the affected area easily covers any imperfections to give you clear and even skin thanks to its complete coverage.  

But you don’t even have to worry about breakouts as it has vitamin E, so go ahead and dab it on any active pimples without a worry. It also keeps your skin hydrated with active ingredients and is easy to blend without creasing. To give a lift, you can add concealer to the inner corner of your eye, the outer corner of your eye and the high points of your cheekbones. Blend it all out with a damp beauty blender or a brush till it is seamless.



How to Create the Flawless Cloud Skin Makeup Look

Like all high fashion makeup trends, this look is all about the texture which is a soft and velvety feel. But we don’t want too much of a dewy look. So, your best bet is a matte foundation that is still weightless and sheer such as the Lakmé Absolute Mattreal Skin Natural Mousse. Even though it has an airy, mousse-like texture, it is buildable to give you the high coverage you may want. This also means that it easily blends to give a soft, blurry finish that lasts all day. A bonus is that it has SPF8 that protects you from harsh UV rays while keeping your skin healthy. Dot the foundation over your face. Then take the beauty blender or brush and spread it out in an outward direction. Once it is evenly spread, start blending it in circular motions. 


To give some dimension to the cloud skin look, turn to bronzer. While contouring may break the illusion of that soft glow, sometimes just a bronzer is enough to add depth to the face. That too, go for a matte bronzer rather than the usual shimmering ones. Add a touch to the shadows of your face such as the sides of your forehead, sides of your nose, jawline and cheeks. Blend it  out till there are no harsh lines.



How to Create the Flawless Cloud Skin Makeup Look

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If you want to add colour to your face, a creamy blush is the way to go. It will still add a little glow to your face without being fully shiny like a highlighter. Add a little to the apple of your cheeks and just keep blending. It should have a natural finish so that it keeps up with the whole concept of a blurry, matte look. If you like, you can also add a spot of blush on the tip pf your nose and blend it out to stay in trend with the colourful Y2K looks making a comeback. 

Pressed powder 

Well, this is the moment you have been waiting for as it defines this trend. But you should keep some things in mind – the powder should be matte; have a translucent or natural finish; and have a smooth texture when applied. You can try out different powders till you find what works best, but pressed powder is the go-to for most makeup artists. Take a soft-stippled, fluffy brush and dip it in the powder, Shake off the excess thoroughly so there is no fallout. Lightly swipe the brush over your face and that is how to make skin look cloudy and blurry.



How to Create the Flawless Cloud Skin Makeup Look

You can finish off your look with a matte lipstick. Try out some colourful and vibrant shades of Lakmé Absolute Sheer Lip Mousse. With this look being all about a light and airy finish, this lip mousse is perfect to enhance your lips. Highly pigmented and matte, it gives you an intense pay-off in just one swipe on your lips. It also has cocoa butter so even the driest and chapped lips are bound to look smooth and moisturised! 

FAQs about How to Create the Flawless Cloud Skin Makeup Look  

Q1. What eye makeup to do with cloud skin? 

Keep it subtle with a soft, brown liner and smokey wings. You can also add colour to your lids with a nude or muted eyeshadow, but make sure it is matte. A lighter colour on the inner corner of your eyes can wake you up and make your eyes look bigger. To add more life, you can also swap out your kajal for a white liner on your waterline. 

Q2. What alternative can I use instead of pressed powder? 

If you cannot find a pressed powder, you can use a finishing or setting powder which brings about similar results. The lightly tinted Lakmé Absolute Loose Finishing Powder is an easily available finishing powder in India that can complete the look. It is matte and gives the airbrush finish needed. It also doubles up as a setting powder and helps your makeup last longer. 

Q3. Is matte makeup back? 

If you love the smooth, matte looks of the early 2010s then you are in luck. Matte makeup is definitely back but with a twist. Like the cloud trend, beauty junkies are combining textures to add a little bit of shine and a little bit of glitter to matte looks. 

And that is how to ace the cloud skin. So, pull out your matte makeup from the bottom of your drawers and get to dusting them on your skin. And remember, we are going for a matte and blurry look, so no gloss, no shimmers or iridescent particles. 

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