Got caught up binge-watching a new K-drama and pulled an all-nighter? We’ve got you covered for your early morning Zoom meeting. Lack of sleep can lead to dark circles, a dull complexion and patchy looking skin. Fortunately, some makeup hacks can help fix that. And no, we don’t mean just covering up with a cakey foundation. What you need instead are some effective makeup tricks that make your skin look fresh and radiant.

For starters, make sure to hydrate your skin with a lightweight formula like the Lakmé Absolute Hydra Pro Gel Crème. Gently massage your skin with the cream to improve blood circulation and liven it up from within. Once done, here are some makeup tips to conceal a sleep deprived face.


01. Prime your skin with a sheer formula

Prime your skin with a sheer formula

Trust us when we say that you do not want to reach for heavier formulas to look well-rested. Instead, all you need to do is prep your face with an illuminating primer to fake a radiant glow. Use a gel-based primer like the Lakmé Absolute Undercover Gel Primer. Infused with Vitamin E, this primer fills in the pores and fine lines to give you a smooth base and nourishes the skin for a healthy glow.


02. Conceal strategically

Conceal strategically

A concealer can be your best weapon to fake a good night’s sleep. Pick a hydrating formula like the Lakmé Absolute White Intense SPF 20 Concealer Stick. Its creamy texture helps it spread evenly and provide a crease-proof finish. Simply apply some on the undereye area to instantly brighten it up. Then, go ahead and cover problem areas like zits and blemishes using the concealer. Make sure to use a small amount of product and pat it in (don’t rub) for a flawless look.

BB picks: Lakmé Absolute White Intense Liquid Concealer


03. Create a sheer base with a CC cream

Create a sheer base with a CC cream

Who has time to blend a heavy-duty foundation on a rushed morning? Your best bet is to use a tinted moisturiser or CC cream like the Lakmé 9 to 5 CC Complexion Care Cream. Not only is it easier to blend, but it also provides a very natural, skin-like finish. Simply dot it all over your face and blend using a damp beauty sponge.


04. Mas(k)cara it

Mas(k)cara it

Your eyes are the first ones to give away the fact that you haven’t slept all night. But worry not; you don’t need a magic wand to get rid of this problem. Just use a volumising mascara like the Lakmé Absolute Flutter Secrets Volumizing Mascara and apply two to three coats of it on your lashes to make your peepers appear bigger and brighter in an instant. Easy-peasy!


05. Opt for warm pigments

Opt for warm pigments

To look well-rested, it’s necessary to add some colour to your face. Opt for a silky powder blush like the Lakmé Absolute Face Stylist Blush Duos - Rose Blush. The formula blends beautifully into the skin to give you rosy cheeks and a radiant glow. You can apply the same blush on your eyelids to create a monotone look and sweep on a lip balm to create a juicy pout.

Try these tips, and we bet no one will be able to tell that you haven’t slept a wink last night.